Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Power of Cheese Pups - Weeks 5 to 6

Not a bunch of pics to share this week, as we're spending more time playing with these active little guys than snapping pics!

But we did catch a few:

A few big storms have rolled through lately, and the pups were really watching the rain from the safety of the living room.

Zola & Colby, watching the lightning & rain.

Zola backed up when it really started pouring hard.

Brie - un-phased by the storm - just chewin' her fish.

More pups come to see the weather show...
Brie, Pepper Jack, Zola, Colby

Brie & Pepper Jack

Brie, Fontina, Pepper Jack & Colby 

It's exhausting watching it rain!
Colby, Zola, Fontina, Gouda, Pepper Jack

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