Thursday, September 26, 2013

More past pup pics 09/26/13

We got a great picture of "Stone" (HT Runrig Pauli, from our first Penelope litter) going with his momma, Cindy, to deliver pet food & supplies to animals displaced by the recent flooding in NoCo.  Cindy runs "Favors Project" - a non-profit that collects and delivers food & supplies to Colorado's homeless pets and people!  Check out their website, or their facebook page for more info. or to donate.

Next up - how sweet do Leo (HT Lestate Presto) and Addie look, posing for the camera.  We can't believe how much Leo has grown!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Past Puppy Pupdate 09/25/13

Some great new pics of past puppies:

We've got Sprocket  (HT Rye Manhattan)...trying out a very distinguished pose while staying at a hotel....he's embraced his job as official furniture inspector:

We've got Wilco (HT Rigatoni Sorrentino) & Waffle (HT Hot Toddy) camping - Waffle is trying to convince everyone it's winter...while Wilco is sure summer is still going:

 Then there's Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico), sporting her fancy hardware (soon to come off), and the cone of cone of bravery!  Hoorah! 

And last but not least, Miss Deja (HT Lupini Beanie) playing hide-n-seek with Hobbes (HT Voodoo Child, not currently pictured)...she thinks he can't see her!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Origin of the Whippet

Hi, Folks!

Just found this great piece on breed origin (it's murky, for sure!) and thought I'd share:

New "Past Puppy" pics coming soon.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Flooding Update

Well, last year it was fires, and this year it's flooding....

Just a quick check-in to let everyone know we're all ok!  Our road did flood yesterday, but we're way up high on a hill, so no trouble for us.

The biggest issue for the Horsetooth crew has been that all the roads we take to get out of the foothills have been under water or suffered damage and are closed, so Ken and I have had to miss  work for the last 2 days.  First ever 'rain' day home from work...we're used to snow days, but this is something else altogether.

It was great to have some sun and dryer, warmer weather today to let the dogs out in the yard...they were having nearly as bad a case of cabin fever as we are.

Hope everyone else in the state is staying dry!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

More 'Team Horsetooth' News

 Show News

It's been another fun weekend of showing for the Horsetooth crew.

Today Alfredo got his first glowing compliments from a judge - Judge Bill Shelton, at the Evergreen Kennel Club show in Greeley, CO.

Feynman had a 'backwards sneezing' fit in the ring and didn't have a great day, but still was 2nd place in the Bred-by-Exhibitor Dog class.

 Obedience/Rally News

We're also SUPER excited to announce Obedience and Rally Rankings for the whippets who were working their brains as well as their beauty and brawn this year.  Every dog Jen has competed with in Rally or Obedience is ranked in the top 20 of their respective classes:

Penelope is tied for 3rd in the country for the Obedience Beginner Novice B Class with an average score of 194.5/200 possible points.

Feynman is tied for 3rd in the country for the Rally Novice B Class with an average score of 95/100.

Johnson is 10th in the country for the Rally Novice B Class with an average score of 91.33/100.

Fermi and Lychee are tied for 13th in the country with average scores of 89/100.

Spicy Duck is tied for 19th in the country with an average score of 87/100.

PLUS - we're excited about Horsetooth Ginger Shrimp (owned and handled by Lyn D'Amato-Franklin) coming in with a 3rd in the country ranking for Rally Novice A with an average score of 94/100.  Congrats, Lyn & Ginger!

Running News 

No news here in Colorado for running this week, but a HUGE congratulations goes out to Ellen Feldheim and Horsetooth Shanghai Tofu - "Cato" - on their awesome Best in Field win at the GANG lure coursing event in GA last week.

Puppy News

We're still watching both Penelope and Spicy closely, and are guardedly optimistic!  Ken doesn't want to announce puppies until we have them in hand, and impatient Jen wants to announce them right away!  So everyone will have to still sit tight and wait a bit longer for absolute confirmation.