Tuesday, June 13, 2017

GIANT Pupdate, Birthdays, and W2's

Brace yourselves - this is going to be one big, photo-packed blog post!  :)

We'll start with wishing a Happy 3rd Birthday to the Olde Time Candy Litter part 3, who turned 3 on June 8th:

Twiggy (Twix)
Breezy (Twizzler)
Indy (JuJubes)
Trixie (Squirrel Nut Zipper)
Piper (Peppermint Patty)
Franklin (Clark Bar)
Chief (Rolo)

Here's Breezy (HT Twizzler) - partying hard on her 3rd!

And here's Twiggy (HT Twix)!

Twiggy, relaxing with her aunt Sceri (HT Sceri Monkey Sesame Puff).

Next up, we've got Trixie Belle (HT Squirrel Nut Zipper)...with her kiddos, Chloe & Leigh...these 3 look like trouble!  :)

Tea party for 3?

Next up, we've got Birthday Boy, Chief (HT Rolo)...looking regal!

Next up, we've got Franklin (HT Clark Bar) - enjoying a "Whipped Whippet Sundae" with his family and whippet buddy, Sulley for his 3rd B-day...

It's 'nose-licking' good!

Now, with a full belly, favorite pink toy, and squishy bed and pillow - ready to settle in for a post-birthday-celebration nap.


Next up, more past pups!

"Prince Tau" and his Court Jester, Miso!
(HT-Runrig Tau Neutrino and HT Xenio Onatopp)

And a couple of really nice head shots of Buzz (HT E. Buzz)

Such a pretty boy.


And now on to the most recent puppy news and pics!  All of the W2 pups have been matched to their new homes.  A few are sticking around a few extra days until their new families are home from vacations and what not, but soon we'll be puppyless...it is definitely bittersweet.

Most of the W2's have headed off to their new lives, and of course, we've also got some fun pics of some of the W's to share, as well:

We'll start with a montage of Frankie (HT Wingnut) and her big brother Leo:

Somebody has discovered the joy of warm clothes in the laundry basket!



On their way to puppy class?  
(Jen had the fun of meeting Leo and also starting training for both pups this past Saturday.)


Next up, we've got a BUNCH of  Wilson pics - hanging at home, and also investigating a puppy exposure/socialization class:

Unfortunately, the only other pup there was a mastiff...so the two had to make do with saying "hi" safely through the ex-pen fencing.  :)


Next up, we've got beautiful Wynter (HT Whiplash) and her buddy, Siri:


Next, we've got Banzai (HT Andy Warhol), enjoying a playdate with whippet buddy, Bing:


Next, we've got Winston (HT Wombat) and his brand new little sis, Windy of the W2's getting to know each other:


And how about The Whiz - behaving beautifully on his plane ride to TX, and already getting along great with his new girlfriend, Mach-Z:


Next up, we've got Remington (Woody) on his way to his new home with his new little girl, Angel...two peas in a pod:


Then we've got 3 great shots of Whisper with her new family and new whippet brother, Murphy:

She likes to mimic whatever Murphy does..."You sniff in the grass?  Ok! I sniff in the grass!"

On Saturday the 3rd, Winky (soon to be named Sammi) had what we think was a run-in with a rattlesnake.  She spent a few hours at CSU in the emergency room, was treated with antivenon, fluids, antibiotics and painkillers.  She pulled out a truly miraculous recovery...we're wondering if mama Trinity may have passed on some rattlesnake antibodies from her near-fatal brush with one of these critters two years ago.

No matter what, we're just super thankful that she's back to her peppy self!  Here are a bunch of shots of Winky, Whipple, and Wernher, the 3 pups hanging out with us a bit longer:

Winky - 24 hours after snakebite - still really swollen (though much less than when it happened) and bruised...but not too sick to play nurse with Aunt Lizzie!


Feeling much better!

Giving some great 'stinkeye' to the camera.

Snuggling aunt Spicy.

Wernher Von Braun was impossible to catch with the camera...he just runs at you to greet you when you try to snap a pic!

Grandma Polliwog, smiling for the camera! 

Polliwog, Whipple and Wernher had a little wrestle fest...

Mr. Whipple

"Don't squeeze the Charmin!"

Wernher dipping his toes in the water while he wets his whistle.

Wernher...still great at his black lab puppy impersonations.

Winky and Wernher had a giant wrestle-fest!

I think she won....

Mama Trinity, hanging out with son Whipple.