Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting in on the act

"It takes a village to raise a child."  

And it takes a whole pack of whippets to raise a litter of puppies.  

The whole whippet family is getting in on the act here at Horsetooth, so I thought I'd share some of their pictures from the last few days.  You can tell from some of their sleepy expressions that they've been very involved in the exhaustive work of puppy raising.  
Spicy has been especially interested in making sure Bella is safe when she goes outside on short breaks from her puppies. 

 Here we have Spicy telling Timmy all about it.

 Lychee and her momma, Penelope, take a moment of rest in the sun.

   Johnson, Feynman, and Fermi - all giving quite the expressions for the camera.

 Lychee -  'so serious' face.
 Timmy, Spicy, and Johnson - "Did someone say Cookies?"

 Pretty Boy Johnson

 Going...going...gone.  ZZZZZZZZZ

 Aunt Polli wishes the puppies were hers.  Any chance she gets, she nuzzles them and cleans them like crazy!
 Soft-eyed Penelope - Queen of the Pack & our hearts.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mambo Italiano Litter 01-29-13

Happy Momma Bella

Alfredo, Rigatoni, Pesto

Bella & Seven Pups

Ziti, Biscotti, Tiramisu, & Momma

First peek at the "Mambo Italiano" Litter:  

All pics taken 01/28/13

Alfredo, Pesto, Ziti

 Alfredo, Penne, Lupini Bean

 Fettuccini Alfredo

Rigatoni, Tiramisu, Risotto, Biscotti (top to bottom)

 Fab Five

 Lupini Beanie!!!

Lupini and Biscotti

 Rigatoni and Biscotti

Rigatoni, Alfredo, Biscotti

Tiramisu and Rigatoni


Mambo Italiano Litter

The "Mambo Italiano" Litter has arrived!

("Waiting for dessert" are 8 of the pups waiting for Tiramisu to be born.)

They're here!  Horsetooth Whippets is excited to present The Mambo Italiano Litter

(Oberon Clovis, RCH X Ch. Lakewoods Blue Velvet, JC, RN) - 4 boys; 5 girls

Bella's big day started at 6:30am on Monday, January 28, 2013 -  with the first pup born at 8:55 am, and the final pup born at 1:50pm.

Here's a brief description of pups' genders, birth order, and colors (we think! - these colors could change a lot over the first week or so).

1.  Rigatoni - solid blue fawn, masked male, very little white (chest only)
2.  Alfredo -  extreme white male with possible blue fawn or blue brindle (won't know if he's brindle for a few days)
3.  Biscotti - solid blue fawn, masked female, with a tiny bit of white points on nose, chest, toes, tail tip
4.  Risotto - solid blue brindle male (maybe...very light possible striping) or fawn, masked, same amount of white tipping as Biscotti
5.  Lupini Bean - extreme white girl; one dark red brindle patch on right eye and on right ear
6.  Pesto - solid dark red male (might turn brindle, but we don't think so) black mask - looks just like Papa Clovis
7.  Ziti - solid blue brindle girl with a bit of white like Biscotti & Risotto
8.  Penne - parti blue brindle girl - really flashy markings!!!
9.  Tiramisu - solid blue brindle girl - looks JUST like Ziti, only smaller...and since she was last, she's dessert!  :)