Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Show Results 05/26/13

Pretty nice weekend for Penelope and her two sons at the Laramie, WY Kennel Club show on Sunday:

Penelope re-entered the conformation world with a bang - after 2 years off - to take Reserve Winner's Bitch from the Open Bitch Class.

Fermi took Reserve Winner's Dog from the Bred-by Exhibitor Dog Class.

Feynman took second place in the Open Dog Class.

Not too shabby after a long break from the show ring for all 3 of them.  Go Team Horsetooth!

Pupdate 05/28/13

Some new updated pics on pups from the Abracadabra, Mambo Italiano, and Shaken, Not Stirred Litters:

Leopold - showing off his sex puppy ears.

Piper teaching her new little whippet sister all about stealing shoes. 


 From Rowan's Dad:  "Arriving on the scene, it was clear what had occurred;  a steamroller had apparently gone through the back yard, somehow managing to overtake and flatten the hapless whippet..."

Rowan basking in the sun.

Isabella (Ziti)...looking ridiculously cute in her pink collar.

It's a doggie invasion...of the bed!  Hobbes, Deja & Morgan have clearly mastered the art of comfort.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

2 New Rally-Obedience Titles!

We're excited to announce two more new Rally-O titles for Horsetooth this year (that makes 5 new titles for pups we have here with us for the year so far).

Lychee Berry (Horsetooth Lychee Berry from the Chinese Delights I litter) &
Spicy Duck (Horsetooth Spicy Duck from the Chinese Delights II litter) both finished their Rally Novice B titles on May 12th.

Go Team Horsetooth!

"The Girls"

Monday, May 13, 2013

'Gone Fishing'

Thanks to Deja & Hobbe's pop for sending information about a GREAT new toy they found for the pups:  http://www.dogfishin.com/Doggone_Home.html

These two are sure enjoying their new doggie fishing pole!  Plus...it sounds like a great way to tire them out.  Bob says they are tuckered out after 15 minutes of playing with the fishing pole.

And we all know - a tired puppy is a good puppy!   :)

Whippet Puppy Ears

Most of our new puppy owners are probably right smack dab in the middle of 'puppy ears' syndrome.  Misu  & her mom were generous enough to share a fabulous instructional manual on the various positions whippet pup ears can take during beginning teething:







Catching up on Pupdates

Reports and pictures have been coming in and I'm just now getting a chance to update the blog.   Many of the pups have already started their puppy training classes, and so far everyone is reporting that they are the stars of their classes.  :)

Over at Front Range K9 Academy we have Luka, Wilco, Olive, and Alfredo all in class together...we had quite a reunion last Friday for their first class.  Leopold is in class with a Basset, a Portuguese Water Dog, and an All-American Mix - all puppies - so he should have fun, too!

When Momma Lizzie and puppy Leopold saw each other in their class, there was also another touching reunion.

On to the pics:

Tiramisu & Oolong, her kitty:  

A great montage of Deja & Voodoo:  

And here's one of Piper - all tuckered out.
Look at that long whippet nose!!!

Wilco - working on upstaging Waffle-whippet and Sammy-gsp, maybe?

Leopold was soooo tired after his first day of class...but then he and Addie got to go to Grandma's house...looks like he perked right up.  :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Congratulations to Ginger (Horsetooth Ginger Shrimp)!

We LOVE this updated pic of Ginger (Horsetooth Ginger Shrimp of the Chinese Delights I litter), her family,  and her little buddy Sprocket (Horsetooth Rye Manhattan of the Shaken, Not Stirred litter) at Ginger's Rally-Obedience competition where she earned her Rally Novice title.

Little brother Sprocket is also getting ready to start competing soon, too!