Friday, December 27, 2013

Pupdate 12/27/13

Hoping everyone had a safe and merry Christmas! 

We've got some new pics of past pups to share:

First up we have Olive (HT Biscotti Toscani) showing off her great muscles in the Colorado Snow:
We're going to be offering lure coursing and box training at Front Range K9 in January.  Colorado whippets - give me a holler if you're interested.  We have a feeling that any and all of the Mambo Italiano litter pups could just FLY on the lure course or the straight or oval tracks...well, for that matter, any of our pups should excel at racing and coursing - all of their parents love it!

Next up, I had a great visit with Waffle (HT Hot Toddy) and Wilco (HT Rigatoni Sorrentino) yesterday.  Both are looking great.  Their mom sent me some great holiday shots of Wilco:

Nice 'round head,' Wilco!

Monday, December 16, 2013

One more pupdate! 12/16/13

Just after the last update, I got these two great pics of Jack (HT Vincent Vega), and just had to add:

  His mom writes:  The one with the red blanket is Jack imitating the cats, we have shelves behind our couch that they love to sleep on and he decided he should try it too! 

Pupdate 12/16/13

More great pictures rolling in from past puppies and Pulp Fiction litter:

First up, we have Rohan (HT Jules Winfield), who apparently should have instead been named after the dragon in the Lord of the Rings, Smaug - since he is such a hoarder of toys!  He must get this from his aunt Lychee, as she also collects toys on her beds.

Next up, we have Hobbes (HT Voodoo Child) and Deja (HT Lupini Beanie) and their best friend, Morgan, sporting their new coats.  Who'd have thunk they'd need coats in TX?!  :)

Then we have a couple of nice snuggle pics of Dunkel (HT Marsellus Wallace) and his big brother, Hefe.


And how about Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico) - moving right along with the healing of her leg - harware free and having a 'ball' in the snow.  Great Christmas fashion sense on this girl, I see.


Misu was also the star of the a recent potluck dinner, doing her 'go to your place' exercise during a visit with family.  Quite the impressive 10 month old whippet puppy, she stayed on her blanket for the whole evening!  (Note to the Pulp Fiction Puppy owners - we will be learning this awesome exercise in class in a few weeks.  Yay!)

Next up, Fabienne (HT Fabienne's Blueberry Pancakes) showing off a great whippety long-nosed, round-headed relaxation moment.  Looking comfy, Fabs!

And here's a montage of Rowan (HT Stoli on the Rocks) having a blast peeking out, posing, and ripping around with his best buddy, Bebe:

And last but never least, we have a great bunch of Esmerelda (HT Esmerelda Villalobos) hanging out with her new buddies.  (On a sad note - her family had to let their elderly greyhound, Judith,who is pictured here go to the rainbow bridge this past week, but we're glad Esmerelda got to know her sweet spirit before she passed.)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Pulp Fiction Pupdate - New Homes - 12/09/13

The Pulp Fiction pups are getting started with their 'real lives,' and we're starting to get some new pictures coming in.  :)

 Fabienne doing some relaxing.

 Rohan (formerly Jules)...deep in thought.

Winston spent one more week with us before going to his new home.  He's been missing his litter mates, but making up for it with lots of time snuggling the adult whips.

 Mom and pup.

Nomming a chew toy next to grandma Polliwog.

Family Portrait:  
Poppa Feynman (far left), Grandma Penelope (back), Winston, and Momma Spicy.

Plus...a few pics left on the camera from when pups were with us still:

 Two great shots of Miss Esmerelda Villalobos.

Vincent Vega with Esmerelda & Jules photo bombing.

 On their last day all together, Marsellus and Jules and Winston invented a new game - "Living Room Sledding."  Because we were all going stir-crazy with the cold and snow, I had given the puppies a cardboard box to chew and destroy, just to keep them occupied.  At one point, I heard some odd sounds, and when I checked, Winston was IN the box, with Jules and Marsellus pulling him all over the living room.  They proceeded to play this game several times throughout the day - always the same 3 pups.