Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pulp Fiction Pupdate 11/26/13

We realized late yesterday that we hadn't gotten any pics of Fabienne in the mix, so got some later in the afternoon.  Here she is, along with some others of the crew:

 "That sly, come hither stare."


Fabienne and her puppy keys.

Playing with the red bird toy.

Fabienne getting the 'stink eye' from Marsellus Wallace.

 1st in the series of Grandma Polliwog and the puppies re-enacting a scene from the Night of the Living Dead...Barbara getting eaten by zombies....


 Esmerelda Villalobos.

 Two more great head shots of Marsellus Wallace. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pulp Fiction Pupdate 11/24/1

The pups continue to grow and change daily.  They are more and more like little whippet dogs instead of just whippet puppies.  Today they spent the majority of the day out of the whelping pen, be-bopping around the living room, playing, napping on the couch, and being little dogs.  Such a nice group! 

Some personality notes for this week:

Esmerelda Villalobos is a real sweetheart.  She continues to play nicely with both people, dogs, and now we can add the cats to that list (she is one of the few pups who doesn't immediately mob them).  We've noticed that she doesn't like rough play, and will leave if the other pups are being too wild.   She also likes to sleep out in the open, instead of in the constant whippet pile of puppies.  That said, she does snuggle with them individually.  :)

Vincent Vega has turned back into his nice, balanced self (he spent a week being quite a rough player, but has begun to seek more mellow play pals and puts any pups who are being too rough in their place by barking, offering a toy, or walking away).

Jules has turned into an absolutely delightful fellow - he still loves to sprint, sprint, sprint everywhere, but he no longer is the 'trouble maker' with his play tactics.  He really likes to snuggle with people and the other pups.  He makes the best 'round head' (ears pinned back in a sweet, submissive expression) when picked up, and he was a total camera hound today, as you'll see in pics below.

Marsellus Wallace is a jolly little guy.  Right now his size allows him to better the other pups some (he's such a big, strapping boy), but even in the past 2 days, he's doing what they all seem to do - going through a transition from always making other pups yelp into playing more appropriately.  He is busy, busy, busy - always the last to fall asleep and the first up and ready to go again.  Every time he sees us he comes running with his tail wagging.

Winston Wolf continues to catch up dramatically in size and stamina with his brothers and sisters.  He started eating BIG dog food kibbles today with no troubles.  He is a funny puppy, with a funny voice, and is just a character.  He's the puppy that makes you laugh almost any time you look his way - he's always doing something pretty darn cute.

Fabienne, much like her sister Esmerelda, is a sweetie.  She continues to absolutely love people and makes a 'round head' expression that rivals that of her brother Jules whenever she is picked up.  She loves to be held and loves to have her belly rubbed.  She will mix it up with her big brothers (she is the second smallest pup) and hold her own, but like the rest, she is beginning to seek more gentle play and snuggle time and toy time than rough and tumble.


 Jules and Vincent Vega - hanging on the couch.

 Esmerelda Villalobos and Vincent Vega having some snuggle time.

Thoughtful Jules & Sleepy Esmerelda

Marsellus Wallace

Brothers Vincent Vega & Jules 

Marsellus Wallace in mid-yawn.

Marsellus Wallace 

Vincent Vega with his momma.

Winston Wolf.  He solves problems.

Aunt Lychee Berry 

Adults and Pups - doing one of the things whippets do best - couch potato-ing

Vincent and Momma Spice again.

 Vincent between dad, Feynman and mom, Spicy.

Lip-smacking Alfredo and poppa Feynman.

Father and Son

Lazy boys - Fermi, Timmy (in back), Alfredo, and Feynman.

Cozy Vincent Vega

Two more of Father Feynman and Son Vincent Vega.


Marsellus Wallace and Jules, sharing a tug toy.

Photogenic Jules.

Brothers Jules and Marsellus Wallace.

A series of Jules, Marsellus Wallace and momma Spice with an antler toy...




Told you he was the camera hound today!

 Momma Spice and Marsellus Wallace with that antler.

Auntie Lizzie cuddling Winston Wolf.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pulp Fiction Pupdate part 3 - 11/17/13

And finally, the adventure into the outside world:

 Vincent Vega and Fabienne sprinting around on the deck.

 "Wait...is that water?"

 "Oops...forgot what I was doing."

 Lizzie, Jules, and Winston Wolf.

Fabienne finds the water that Vincent Vega forgot about.

"Hey...this stuff is just like the stuff inside."

Princess Penelope chose to jump up on the picnic table and supervise from above.

Fabienne really liked running back and forth along the length of the deck.

Esmerelda Villalobos ponders the snow shovel.

This puppy cot (nearly six years old!) finally gave up the ghost.  But they all still insist on lying on it and playing on and around it.

Fabienne & Esmerelda Villalobos

Spicy and her crew.

 Blue skies and red dogs.  A little slice of heaven.

Spicy kept bringing the puppies things to chew, as if to tell them that that was what we do outside.

Aunt Lizzie getting in on the act.

 Winston Wolf was happy to chew on the roots and sticks his mom offered.

 Lizzie got piled on pretty good.  She likes to let the puppies pretend to nurse on her...
 ...and otherwise generally abuse her.
 Such patience!

 Fabienne finds the chewable root.

 Vincent Vega and Jules had quite the wrestling match:

 Taking a break from wrestling.

Big head shake from Fabienne!