Monday, June 29, 2015

Bond 007 Puppy Pics 06/29/15

Frog Dog Domino

Big boy Auric

Uncle Fermi hanging out with Kissy.

Sooo sleepy Blofeld.

A Scaramanga montage...


Wherever we go....Hugo!

 Miss Zoe Nightshade

 Sleepy Kissy

The mysterious Dr. No


 The happy Dr. No

Blofeld...making his awesome whippet 'round head' expression

 Kissy cannot be bothered with  another pic by her adoring fans

The lovely Lavender Peacock

 Miss Xenia...sporting a lovely post-digging muddy nose!

This shot makes me wonder what's coming at him through the air just off to the side that's he's watching so intently....

 Kissy & Scaramanga mixing it up in some Whippet Wrestlemania

9 of the 11 taking a break for some noms

 Max...hamming it up for the camera

Friday, June 26, 2015

Puppies 06/26/15

 Trinity says, "Hi.  I don't feel great...but I'm still fighting."

 Max says, "I did NOT get bit by a snake like my sister Trinity.   But I CAN make the same faces she's making..."

 Lavender, Scaramanga, and Blofeld - chilling on a dog cot in the cool of the evening earlier in the week.

Kissy & Monty..spending some serious quality snuggle time together.  Goes to prove...a whippet will snuggle with just about anyone.  :)

Happy, squinty kitty.  Happy, squinty Kissy.

 Lavender...sleeping under our picnic table to stay cool.
All the pups decided this was a good idea today...

 Xenia resting in the shade. the shade in a puppy pile, saying "hi!" to his momma Polliwog.

Kissy (and a Polliwog foot) ...shade...sleepy!

 This crew came in to rest in the house to get out of the heat!
From top left:  Max, Zoe, Auric, Scaramanga.

 Dr. No...chillin' on the cool linoleum we put down for the pups.

 Blofeld and Domino were NOT tired.  Major wrestling/playing ensued when they came inside.

 Blofeld w/ his puppy keys and a plastic water bottle...a favorite puppy toy.  We have to watch them now, as they love the crunchy sound of the plastic, but their jaws are now strong enough to rip off pieces of plastic, so once the bottles start breaking down, we have to take them away and add new ones.

 Blofeld attempting to EAT all of Domino as she climbs me.  Not easy to get pics of her today.  :)

 Scaramanga...looking pretty sleepy.

 Zoe in the background w/ brother Scaramanga.

 Gotcha!  Domino.

 Dr. No and his purple dinosaur toy...drifting off to zzzzzzland.

Max - who slept while everyone else was awake...looking pretty perky!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sad news -

Our collie Siobhan succumbed to her snake bite this evening at 5:45pm.

I thought I'd add some of my favorite pics of her as a bit of a tribute to my beautiful, smart collie girl.  She knew her obedience commands in 3 spoken languages (Gaelic, German, English), plus whistle training, knew hand signals, and could even read flash cards.

She started training with me when she was 13 weeks old, and helped me to evaluate and train literally thousands of dogs; not to mention helping to raise all of our resident whippets, and all of the pups we've sent out into the wide world.

Many thanks, Siobhan, for being you.

 Siobhan with Timmy & Lizzie as pups

 Siobhan and Timmy

My girl:

"It's been a long day, 
without you, my friend.
And I'll tell you all about it
when I see you again.

We've come a long way
from where we began.
Oh, I'll tell you all about it
when I see you again."
                                                ~Charlie Puth