Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Holidays - Horsetooth Whippets Update Dec. 2016

Well, the year is almost over, and we continue to get great pics and stories from our wonderful extended whippet family.

Here are a few of the latest:

First up, we've got Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico) - doing her giraffe-in-the-snow impression.  She nailed it.

Next up, we've got Bedahlia (HT Aunt Bedelia), who went traveling and visiting over Thanksgiving.  Looks like she enjoyed herself:

And here she is again, posing in her Christmas sweater with her IG buddy:

Speaking of Christmas Sweaters...a bunch of the HT pups turned out in style for the Holidays...

Here's Wichita (HT Wichita), sporting her sweater and hanging with her buddy:

And how about Tau (HT Tau Neutrino) and Miso (HT Xenia Onatopp):

Miso looks like a sleeeepy Santa....too much eggnog?

 Tau - a.k.a. the Court Jester

Rudolph and his whippets.

Upson (HT Upson Pratt) and his mom, Heather, have been hard at work making whippet snoods for Winston's Winter Wear.  Here he is modeling the festive "Peppermint Twist":

Snuggling up for winter, we've got some great pics of E. Buzz (HT E. Buzz), Waffle (HT Hot Toddy), and Wilco (HT Rigatoni Sorrentino):

 Buzz & Waffle

Buzz & Wilco (hard to tell where one ends and the other begins!)

Here's one of E. Buzz playing "King of the Couch"

And some 1100 miles away, Buzz's brother, Upson - doing the same pose!  :) 

And last but not least, Annie (HT Annie Hayworth) with her new Christmas buddy, Aiden:

Happy Holidays
from all of us at Horsetooth Whippets.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

October/November 2016 Pupdates

Some great shots of some of the past pups:

First off, I don't know how I missed this great shot of Mojo (HT Got My Mojo Workin') and his mom (sent in September), right after his mom ran a marathon at Disneyland.  Of course, Mojo has to rub it in....

Next up, we've got a great pic of Olive (HT Biscotti Toscani) on the right -  and her whippet cousins:
Looks like they may have spotted a bunny!

Next up, we've got some Halloween shots of Pip (HT Auric Goldfinger) and his best friend, Twiggy - all dressed up and ready to go.  They'd fit right in on Bourbon Street, I think:

Not to be outdone in the costume department - Misu's mom turned one of her coats into a great giraffe costume:

And how about this montage of Isla (HT Kissy Suzuki) - being a BB-8 droid for Halloween, and mugging for the camera all year 'round, it looks like!

Next up, we've got a lovely fall pic of Breezy (HT Twizzler):

And last but not least - a fun look back at "Then & Now" of Pip (HT Auric Goldfinger) - as a teeny pup and now as an 18 month old young man:

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bunches of October Birthday wishes, brags & updates...

October is a really busy Birthday month for us here at Horsetooth Whippets.  We kicked the month off on Oct. 6th, with the "Pulp Fiction" litter's 3rd Birthday.

Happy 3rd to:

Jack (Vincent Vega)
Winston (gone but always in our hearts)
Rohan (Jules Winnfield)
Dunkel (Marsellus Wallace)

We've got a few birthday pics to share:
Esmerelda Villalobos - enjoying a sun puddle.

Sweet Fabienne 

 Regal Jack - apparently he was watching a documentary on wolves - and continues to watch it anytime his folks play it!

October 12 brought Birthday number 5 to the first "Chinese Delights" litter.

A happy 5th to:

Sceri (Sesame Puff)
Ginger (Ginger Shrimp)
Cato (Tofu)
Moogie (Moo Goo Gai Pan)
Cheyenne (Snow Pea)
Rudy (Egg Drop)
Devo (Chop Suey)
Lychee Berry
Bok Choy

Some birthday pics of this crew:
 Ginger...chillin' out.

Cato - NOT chillin' out!

We got a whole montage of Cheyenne - doing all sorts of whippety things.  She'll always be our little Alien.

And then Oct. 19th brought our 2nd "Chinese Delights" Litter's 5th birthday.

A happy 5th to:

Salinger (Kung Pao)
Larry (Wonton)
Jett Jr.  (Mu Xiu)
Trevor (Pot Sticker)
Spicy Duck

We got 2 great shots of Larry - who is apparently one big, lazy, lazy boy.  :)

Snuggling with his Iggy.

We've also got some non-birthday updates and brags to share:

First up, we've got Khaleesi (HT Agent Starling) doing what she loves most - playing with a ball...oh, and squish-snuggling her brother.  And playing ball.  And ball.  Did we mention playing ball?

Next up, some great shots of Moonpie (HT Moonpie) and Indy (HT Jujubes), striking some great poses for the camera:

A trip to Grandma's house to play with all of their 'cousins'!

How about a few more of birthday boy Jack (HT Vincent Vega) and Mouse (HT The Matrix's Mouse):
 Brotherly love.

 Jack's version of 'roughing it' on a camping trip.

The 'Majestic Mouse'.  

Next up, we've got a great montage of brag pics for Misu (HT Tirimisu Frangelico).  Misu has added a new Rally Championship title to her list of accomplishments, and is now officially "ARCH Horsetooth Tirimisu Frangelico, RL1X, RL2."  According to the APDT database, she’s only the second whippet to earn this title. Congratulations, Linda & Misu!

On day 2 of the trial, going for her Level 3 title, she continued to be in the ribbons!

 Looks like Oliver (HT Duke Henry the Red) may have slept through his 1/2 sister Misu's accomplishments.  :)

Next up, a great artistic shot of Rowan (HT Stoli on the Rocks), visiting Chicago...and checking out the sights.

And another pic of birthday gal, Ginger (HT Ginger Shrimp), and her buddy Sprocket (HT Rye Manhattan).  Such beautiful, soft, happy whippet expressions in this one!

Not to be outdone in the sun-lounging department, we've got Trixie Belle (HT Squirrel Nut Zipper) - Queen of the Lounge Chairs.

And last, but definitely not least, a great pic of  Sunni (HT Domino Vitali) and her cave bed.  It's really hard for Sunni's mom to catch good pics of her - she's always either in motion, or hidden upside down in the cave bed!  She definitely lives up to the 35 mph couch potato description of whippets.  :)

As always, we love the updates and pics!  Keep 'em coming!