Thursday, December 21, 2017

YA's week 7

It's been another really busy week for the David Bowie/Young Americans Litter.  We did temperament testing and made matches this week, and now they're just waiting for a bit longer to be old enough to head off to their new homes and adventures!

They've been too active to get many good pics, but here are some of a few of them:

Ziggy, China, and Jack had quite a tug session....


Blue Jean - really posing for the camera!




Rebel Rebel - looking wistful.

Diamond - running right at the camera - making it impossible to ignore her!

Blue Jean

Tom and Diamond

Tom, Diamond, and China Girl

Sleepy Diamond


Jean - the camera hound

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Week 6 for the David Bowie Litter!

We've passed the 6 week marker for the Young Americans and it's been another busy week.  They had their second meet & greet at the studio and did great again.

Plus, the last few days have given us warm enough weather for some trips outside in the yard.  They were a bit unsure of the big outside world at first, but most are really enjoying spreading out, and ripping around with more space and sunshine.

Jack continues to make progress, but is still about 10 days behind everyone else in his development.  Still not sure what exactly the problem is, but he's trying to be a normal pup!  We had our first tail wag from him yesterday morning, and he's actually trotted a few times.  Now we're watching to see if he'll run!

The rest of the pups are definitely starting to find their running legs - doing short sprinting bursts every once in a while, just for joy.

On to the pictures...

Ricochet gets goosed by Grandpa Jett while Fermi and Lizzie look on.

China - checking out a bug?  A leaf?

Lizzie & Ricochet

Ziggy Stardust checking out Grandpa Jett's legs.  
"Will I ever be this tall?"

Ricochet and Diamond Dog

Jack and the snow shovel

Major Tom

Jack and a bit of Tom

Blue Jean and her pine cone


Ziggy Stardust

Tom - gagging on his pine cone while Aunt Dots looks on.

Ricochet, Blue Jean, and a bit of Aunt Lychee

Ziggy - not sure about that bright sun....or winking at the camera?

Diamond Dog

Ricochet & Diamond Dog 

Ricochet and Little China Girl

Ziggy Stardust and Little China Girl

The outside beds are just as fun to crawl under as on top of!

Ziggy - photobombing Blue Jean and Ricochet

Rebel Rebel - checking out the remains of a pine cone.

Diamond Dog

Halloween Jack

Little China Girl and Diamond Dog

Rebel Rebel



Jack - getting in on the pine cone scene.

Blue Jean

Diamond Dog

Lizzie with Rebel Rebel and Ziggy Stardust

Rebel Rebel

Ziggy Stardust


Major Tom 

Little China Girl - tasting a leaf



Meanwhile, Diamond and China weren't too tired to come inside and start a game of tug.

Shake, shake, shake!

Major tom finds the tug game irresistible - making it a game of tug for 3.

Will Rebel Rebel join in?

Yep!  Four-way tug!