Monday, August 22, 2016

Late Summer 2016 - Show, Racing & Puppy Updates

It's been a really good summer - both in the show ring and at the races - for us at Horsetooth Whippets.  Here's a quick recap of late June through August:

Some of the summer 'loot'.


06/26/16 - NAWRA (Straight Track), in Peyton, CO - Bok Choy placed 1st, and Lychee placed 3rd and Best-Opposite-Sex.  This is our first time taking a first place at either straight or oval track!

07/24/16 - NOTRA (Oval Track), in Petyon, CO - Feynman placed 3rd, Bok Choy was 4th, Lychee was 5th, and Penelope was 6th place (at 9.5 years old!).

08/14/16 - NOTRA in Peyton, CO - In a field of 15, with lots of race-bred dogs, Lychee placed 5th; Bok Choy placed 6th, and Penelope placed 9th - our old gal was still in the top 10!


This past week at the Rocky Mountain Hound Association Specialty show and the Greeley Kennel Club Show, both in Greeley Colorado, Chewy picked up another point toward his AKC Championship on Thursday; going Winners Dog.

Dots took Reserve Winner's Bitch on Friday at the Hound Specialty, and took second from the Bred-by class to the Winner's Bitch on Sunday.

And best of all, we've also got a bunch of updated puppy pics to share:


First up, we've got two great shots of Gatsby (HT Carol Anne) and her best buddy, Cafe:

"Can we has a treat?"

 Aww...sweet snuggles.

Next up, we've got Indy (HT Herbert West) and Roxy (HT Stevie Wayne) doing some serious boating!

 All suited up and ready to go!

Clearly, this boating gig is exhausting.

"All hands to the deck..."

Next up, we've got Piper (HT Peppermint Patty), posing with her mom and also striking quite a picture in her yard.  She still reminds us so much of her daddy, Bok Choy:

Excellent sits and stands by Miss Piper!

Next up, we've got Ash (HT Ashley J. Williams)...having fun on a hike:

Now that is a seriously happy, smiley boy.

Next up, we've got Pip (HT Auric Goldfinger), posing for the camera:

The 'sweet' Pip.

The 'rascally' Pip!

And how about these shots from the HT crew in California, EBuzz (HT EBuzz), Wilco (HT Rigatoni Sorrentino), and Waffle (HT Hot Toddy):

Whippet Pile - Everybody on the couch!

Wilco knows - there's nothing better than snuggling with the mama.

Buzz disagrees.  He knows there's nothing better in the world than eating your very own giant stick.  The bigger, the better.  Log size is the best!

Oops...until we get caught taking out our chewing talents on mom's newly planted succulents....then it's time to make 'pouty face'.

And snuggle up with Sam, the pointer.  He'll make it all better.

Speaking of snuggling up with non-whippets, how about some shots of Phinley (HT Delbert Grady), hanging out with his giant buddy:

Winking for the camera!

He clearly inherited the 'rest your top lip on the crate' gene from his mom, Spicy Duck.  She does this all the time!

Phinley and his ear have a question for the teacher....

Not to be outdone in the log chewing/carrying department by his brother E Buzz!

Great altered perspective on this one...Phinley looks as big as a Great Dane!  :)

Finally, a few pics from around the Horsetooth Villa and the Front Range K9 Academy facility:

In July, Jen noticed she had all the girls together at the studio and thought it would be fun to do some mom & pup pics.   Here they are - "Mother/Daughter Day" at the training studio:

Bella (7 years) and Theo (11 months) 

Dots (2 years), Penelope (9 years), and Lychee (4 years) 

 Polliwog (6.5 years) and Trinity (2.5 years)

Trinity (2 years), Polliwog (6.5 years), and Spicy Duck (4 years)

And last, but not least - a shot of 'meal time'...a client of Jen's gave her a hanging baby goat trough...we filled it with dog food and it was a huge hit.  The whippets loved all being able to get their heads in one bowl at a time.  :)