Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Well...this is embarrassing. :)

In all of the hustle & bustle of pups with Penelope yesterday, we mis-sexed Chiclets!  It turns out that he's a boy, not a girl!  :)

We were in a such a fuss to make sure he was okay after his rather rough delivery, and once he was with his momma and eating heartily, we were loathe to mess with him.  Plenty of time to do heavy-duty inspections after they are all delivered and safe and sound.

Well, sure enough.  He's definitely a boy.  Luckily, his name goes both ways.  :)

Updated pics soon!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Olde Time Candy Part II" Litter Arrival & Olde Time Candy Part I new pics

They're here!  Part II of the "Olde Time Candy" theme has officially arrived!

12:15pm "Chiclets" - White & Black Male - Split Face marking - looks a lot like his momma Penelope.  309 grams.  This was a big puppy - he gave us a bit of a scare by presenting breech and getting rather hung up for a bit.  But once he was untangled, he was immediately the apple of Penelope's eye.  (Penelope hasn't had pups for nearly 3 years, and is always disappointed a bit when the other girls have pups and she doesn't.  She was smiling from ear to floppy ear when we got Chiclets cleaned up and handed him to her for nursing.)

12:40pm "Zagnut" - Dark Brindle and White Parti marked Male - we've not ever produced a dog who has looked quite like this at birth, so we'll be really excited to watch his colors come out fully over the next few weeks and months!  276 grams.

1:30pm - "Gummi Bear" - Black and White Parti marked Male - really wild neck and hip markings on this little guy!  Weighing in a 276 grams, just like his brother Zagnut.

2:15pm - "Dots" - White and Black Female - marked even more like Penelope than her sister Chiclets.  Dots took her sweet time coming along, and is the biggest of the bunch at 372 grams.

These are some of the earliest pics we've gotten, since we had some time between pups - lots of them with brand new babies still wet!  :)

Bella stayed in the whelping pen in our living with her pups during Penelope's entire delivery.  She seemed to be lending calm, momma dog support, and Penelope wasn't worried about her presence at all.

We've got a bunch great new pics of the OTC 1 (Olde Time Candy Part I) Litter included here, too!  They're all doing great, eating and sleeping and wiggling like good little pups.  They had their dew claws off yesterday...a brief welcome to the school of hard knocks...but all did just fine. 


 Pixie Stix (with a bit of a poopy butt.  ooops.)

 Bella and 4 of her kiddos:  Oh Henry, Heath Bar, Charleston Chew, Pixie Stix

 Charleston Chew - "Chewy"

 Big Daddy Jett checks out his son, Chewy.

 Chewy was a star today.

 And here's a great one of little Heath Bar.

 Chiclets - about 2 minutes after her dramatic entrance.

Definitely a good nurser!
Bella snoozing with Oh Henry.

 Skittles & Moon Pie.

 Pixie Stix has found the perfect pillow - her mom's head!

 Oh Henry!

 Chewy and Pixie Stix scaling Mount Bella.  Oh wait.  I think they're asleep again.

 Oh Henry at the milk that white-tipped little ear.


 And here's "Zagnut"...just born, but not too tired (or wet) to eat.


 Zagnut (all dry...and DARK brindle!...gorgeous butt markings, too), Miss Chiclets, and little Gummi Bear (all wet & just arrived).  

 Zagnut, Gummi Bear (a little dryer) and Chiclets.

 Skittles - This puppy is already a talker like her momma...she has a little conversation w/ herself while she nurses!

 Heath Bar...curled up for a nap.

 Moon Pie and that awesome white (well, 1/2 white anyway) head!  If this pup were a girl, Jen would be tempted to keep!

 Zagnut (great shot of his rear and nice white collar in that dark brindling), Gummi Bear (nearly all dry!), and a bit of Miss Chiclets showing in the back...they were all awaiting the arrival of sister "Dots"...who was so big, she also gave her momma and us a bit of trouble.

Great shot of Gummi Bear's "anchor" on his neck and sister Chiclets.

Finally!  Dots arrives...very wet and messy, but alive and ready to eat.  Maybe we should have named her 'old yeller?'

 A dry and clean Dots and brother Gummi Bear.

 Red boy Heath Bar and Brindle boy Charleston Chew (left to right)

Moon Pie - can you stand the cuteness?

 Moon Pie and Momma

 Heath Bar - full toffee goodness

Pixie Stix

Penelope Puppies arriving today (05/27/14)

Hi, Folks

Sorry for the delay in new Bella puppy pics. 

Penelope is busy bringing the second "Olde Time Candy" litter into the world.

So far we've got 2 girls and 2 boys...there *might* be one more in there, so we're waiting patiently to see.

Stay tuned..........

Official birth time & weight & descriptions w/ pics of Chiclets, Zagnut, Gummi, and Dots coming soon!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Puppies are here! 05/25/14 might get a toothache just from looking!

Momma Bella was a real champ delivering six healthy puppies for the "Olde Time Candy" Litter.  We've got 2 girls and 4 boys. 

She got restless around 3pm on Saturday, but didn't begin earnest labor until about 1am on Sunday morning.

Once she got down to business, pups came quickly:

"Skittles" - Brindle and White Female;  Birth weight:  328 grams;  Born at 1:50am on 05/25/14.

"Heath Bar" - Red & White Irish-marked Male; Birth weight:  329 grams;  Born at 2:00am.

"Oh Henry" - Extreme White & Black Male; Birth weight:  373 grams;  Born at 2:45am.

"Pixie Stix" - Black & White Irish-marked Female; Birth weight:  330 grams;  Born at 2: 55am.

"Moon Pie" - Black & White Male - Splash/Split White Face;  Birth weight:  324 grams;  Born at 3:02am.

"Charleston Chew" - Brindle & White Irish-marked Male; Birth weight:  364 grams; Born at 3:30am.


 Just born - Heath Bar and a bit of Skittles showing.

From Left:  Pixie Stix, Charleston Chew (under Pixie) Heath Bar, Moon Pie

 Pixie Stix

 Moon Pie

 Moon Pie (with Pixie Stix & Charleston Chew butts!)

 Heath Bar

 Heath Bar

Skittles & a bit of Heath showing

 Moon Pie!

Charleston Chew and Pixie Stix

Pixie Stix resting with Moon Pie (front) & Charleston Chew (back)

 Pixie Stix

Moon Pie...check out those cute little pink feet!

 Momma Bella snuggling with Heath.

 Moon Pie and Pixie

Sleepy Bella and Heath.

 Oh Henry


 Skittles, Oh Henry, Pixie Stix, Heath Bar....all at the milk bar.

 Charleston Chew

 Moon Pie & a momma foot.

 Skittles, Oh Henry, and bit of Pixie & Heath in the back.

 Oh Henry(front), Pixie, Heath

 Oh Henry

Oh Henry, Heath, Skittles