Monday, January 11, 2016

Pupdate! Pupdate! Read all about it...

Lots of great new pics coming in to share:

First up, we've got Moon Pie (HT Moon Pie) and Indy (HT JuJubes), showing off their Sit-Stays for the Holiday pics:

Next up, we've got Zig Zag (HT-Runrig Bohr), all snuggled in.  Looks like he's well prepared for the cold weather!

Next up, we've got Mojo (HT Got My Mojo Workin') - celebrating in style for the New Year:

Next up, a couple of nice Birthday shots of Apoc (HT The Matrix's Apoc), who'll be 2 years old on January 13th.  How time flies.  Here he is snuggling a bit with his housemate, Fabs (HT Fabienne's Blueberry Pancakes):

Next up, we've got Khaleesi (HT Agent Clarice Starling) doing her Reindeer impression...looks like she's enduring her holiday dress up session with grace.  :)

Next up, we've got Shebo (HT Francisco Pistols Scaramanga) - having a romp with his Aussie buddy in the snow.  Shebo started his first Rally-O training class this month and his mom reports he did really well.  We'll look for him in the competition ring soon!

Speaking of Rally, even more congratulations go out to Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico) for earning her first two qualifying scores her second Rally title - RL2.  Not only did she qualify - she took first place!  Good job, Misu & Linda!

Next up, some truly breathtaking shots of Max (HT Max Zorin), who has just started his AKC Conformation training, and we hope to see him in the breed ring this year:


Lookin' good, Max.  Lookin' good!

Next up, a sweet cuddle pic of Aspen (HT Becky Driscoll) - looks like she's settled in with her new family and is enjoying the couch snuggles,  We like her dainty, crossed paws!

Next up, Bedelia (HT Aunt Bedelia) - hanging out on her cushy bed with her favorite dinosaur toys.  Can't believe how big she's getting!

Next up, some pics of E.Buzz (HT  E. Buzz) - starting to settle in with his new family, including his aunt Waffle (HT Hot Toddy) and uncle Wilco (HT Rigatoni Sorrentino):

And last but not least - a few pics from around the Horsetooth Villa:
Theo and E. Buzz - sharing some sunshine snuggles, just before E. Buzz headed out to CA.

 Polliwog and Theo.

"Black & Blue Whippets"
Trinity (back), Polliwog, Theo, Jett (foreground), and a snippet of blue-brindle Alfredo.