Thursday, February 26, 2015

Horsetooth Pupdate 02/26/15

Some nice new pics of past pups coming in lately:

 Waffle (HT Hot Toddy) and her buddy, Sam the pointer.

Trixie Bell (HT Squirrel Nut Zipper) - such a pretty gal!

 Luigi (HT Morpheus of Zion) on the right, with his buddy Mario on a nice hike.

 Indy (HT JuJuBes) and her boys...looks like a whippet puppy pile!  :)

Omar (HT Oh Henry) and his 'personalized' fire hydrant.

 Omar & Kima (HT Skittles) doing some power snuggling. 

 Omar & Kima squaring off in the snow.

 Omar & Kima...looking pretty sick of being snowbound.

 Mojo (HT Got My Mojo Workin'), chillin' with his kitteh.

 Sunshiney Mojo!

 Mojo doing the secret whippet wrestling pin on his daddy.

 Happy Birthday, Mojo!

 Mojo:  "I has ALL the pillows."

Tired pooches, Heath (HT Heath Bar) 'roaching' in the background, while True (HT Gummi Bear) snoozes in the foreground.  

Huge congratulations are in order for Jessica and Indi (HT Chiclets) on finishing their 6 month Karen Pryor Training Program.

 If Jessica's not careful, I'll steal her and Indi away from Wisconsin to come train for me!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rowan, Breezy, & Bentley send greetings!

Check out the looooong legs on Rowan (HT Stoli on the Rocks)!  This pic reminds his owner of a sonogram.  It reminds me of a crouching grasshopper.  :)

I remember when he could fit in a martini glass:

Next up we've got Breezy (HT Twizzler) and her poodle friend, Bentley...having a nice game of tug:

Here's Breezy with her new dragon toy that her daddy 
Bok Choy brought her from the Denver Dog Show.
"Sleeping Dragons"

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Denver Dog Show 02/14/15

Another fun day at the shows for the whips.  Thanks to all my dog training clients and our past-puppy owners who came out to cheer for us!  :)  It was so great to see you all.

Today's HT results:

Chewy took 2nd place in the 6 to 9 month old Puppy Dog Class.
"Shows are fun!"

Bok Choy took 1st place in the Bred-by-Exhibitor Dog Class.
"WHAT?!  I Won?!!!"

Dots took 2nd place in the 6 to 9 month old Puppy Bitch Class. 
"That's right.  I owned that puppy class today."

Friday, February 13, 2015

Denver Dog Show Results!

Well, today was a first for Dots and Chewy - both headed out (along with Bok Choy & Jennifer, of course) to their very first show.

Chewy did GREAT - winning the 6 to 9 month old puppy class and having a ball.  He was so calm and cool in the ring, you would think he's been doing it his whole life.

Bok Choy took second place (to the dog who eventually won Winner's Dog) in the Bred-by-Exhibitor class.  Not too shabby for only his 3rd show!  And special thanks to Front Range K9 Academy Associate Trainer, Sue Haner, for handling Bok Choy like a pro.  (This was Sue's first time in the showring and they did just fine together.)

Last but not least, little Dots took the ring, coming in 4th place in the 6 to 9 month old puppy bitch class.  I was most worried about Dots, as she's been a bit shivery and worried about new places, people, and things.  She shivered and quivered on the table until the Judge came up and gave her a kiss right on the head.  Then, in typical Dots fashion, they were fast friends and she thought the world revolved around her!  That's my brave girl!

All in all, not a bad day at a huge dog show.  Back at it again tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More Birthday Pup pics!

This week we've got "Luka" (HT Risotto Parmesan) checking in:


 Luka and his best whippet buddy, Jordi

Boys will be boys...these two can't help playing 'whip jitsu' ...
just like the ju jitsu competition on the TV behind them.

Whew!  Martial arts practice is exhausting!

 Luka and his kitty, Romeo.  Romeo looks really thrilled with the way Luka invades his space....  :)

"Who?  Me?"

Next up, Luka's litter sister, "Deja" (HT Lupini Beanie) with her new family in North Dakota:

 Snuggly whippet girl!

 Making perfect whippet 'stink-eye' for the camera.

 Deja and her little boy, Liam.

 And her new best friend, Emma.  Apparently these two are attached at the hip!

Deja says, "Wowsa!  I'm from Texas...what is all this white stuff?!"

And next - not to be left out of the 2yr. old birthday pics - "Hobbes" (HT Voodoo Child):

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Keep the pics a rolling in, folks.  We know everyone loves seeing their pups' siblings growing up, and as always, we love seeing your happy whippet kiddos.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

More Birthday pics (and non-birthday pups) rolling in!

Drum roll please ....more updated puppy pics!

We got some fabulous pics of Piper (HT JuJu Child) for her 2nd birthday:

Pretty girl.

 Shiny & Strong!

Piper and her buddy Amelia taking over their 7 year old human brother's snuggle spot.

Meeting some new whippet friends at the park.

Piper (in red - oo-la-la) and Amelia showing off their new coats.

Next up, we've got another great shot of Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico) in her blue snuggle coat - and showing off how much snow she's got in her backyard.  

Wow.  That is a lot of snow.

How about a fun non-birthday pic of Sceri (HT Sceri Monkey Sesame Puff) and Twiggy (HT Twix) taking a shower after a romp in the mud.  
They do NOT look happy about it.  Pretty sure they might melt.

Next up, Jack (HT Vincent Vega) and Mouse (HT The Matrix's Mouse):
 Mouse watching Jack from the comfort of inside.  Smart pup!

 Snuggly Boys.

 Brother Mouse - the monk.
"Use the force, Luke"

Sit - Stay.  Good Boys!  
Jack and Mouse are almost finished with Front Range K9's 
Level 2 Obedience class and are doing great.

Not to be outdone in the training department, we've got a pic of Kima (HT Skittles) graduating from her first Agility class:

And finally, some nice 8-month birthday pics of Chief (HT Rolo). 
Making 'button' ears for the camera.

Rolo...contemplating the rock wall.

Pretty boy!