Monday, February 24, 2014

Matrix Litter Pupdate 02/24/2014

Finally!  We got warm weather and sunshine - and puppies got to go outside.  They really had a ball exploring the deck and a bit of the yard, chewing on leaves, sticks, each other, and the older dogs.  The adult dogs got in on some of the pics by 'photo bombing'.

 Nap time!  They're almost too big to all fit together on one lambskin mat.

 Two nice shots of Trinity.

 Neo - showing off that pretty bandit's mask and those blue puppy eyes!

 Action shot of Morpheus - a courageous leap off the dog cot.

 Neo, Trinity and Apoc checking out the water bowl.

 Mouse giving Trinity a 'wet willy!'
 Big sister Spicy gets in on some wrestling action.

 Trinity with a prized possession - a leaf!

 Apoc - smiling and steppin' out.

 Another great grin from Apoc (with Siobhan the collie photo bombing at the bottom of the pic).

 Mouse found leaves and sticks to be absolutely suitable as chew toys.

Morpheus watching as Trinity and Mouse chew on a huge root.

"This thing is delicious."

 "I love stick."

 Morpheus trotting about.

 Neo...wondering what big sis Spicy is up to.....

Ah-ha!  Copying big sis!

 Mouse and his root.

 Now Neo's found the root.  Not only did the pups love it, our older dogs chew it all the time, too.
Mouse and Neo.
Majestic  Mouse!

 Apoc - starting to get a little sleepy, perhaps.

 Mouse and his leaf.

 Morpheus and the leaf.

 Trinity and Uncle Buck the cat.
The incredible, earless whippet.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Matrix Litter Pupdate 02/18/14

 Spicy laments Lychee getting the upper bunk.

 Mouse doing what Mouse does - acting cute.

 Trinity, Apoc, and Mouse - snoozing.

 The Majestic Spicy Duck.

 Morpheus and his busy buddy toy.

 The thinker.

 Polliwog - defending the couch from marauders.

 Tired marauders  - Trinity, Mouse, Morpheus, Neo, Apoc.  
(Covered with squirt bottle marks - as they got their first taste of a touch of discipline today for chewing the heck out of each other.)

 Couple of really nice head shots of Mouse - being curious.

And...still sleepy.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Matrix Litter Pupdate 02/16/14

Some new pics for today.  This was their first time out loose in our living room with the big dogs.  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Mouse and Apoc are catching up quick with the others now in personality.  Both liked exploring the new space.

They all got tuckered out by all the new things to think about, and took lots of naps...

 Trinity discovers an antler

Neo - posing under the cat tree - a favorite place for all our pups.

Morpheus tasting a bed.

And mugging for the camera.

Sleepy Apoc.

And sleepy Trinity.

Morpheus finds the other cat tree & it's irresistible rope.

Apoc and Mouse napping under the cat tree.

Mouse, Neo, and Morpheus - brawl in the litterbox!

Neo, Apoc, Mouse, snuggling with toys back in the whelping kennel.

Did someone say "Lunch?"
from top:  Mouse, Trinity, Morpheus, Apoc, Neo.

Apoc and Trinity mixing it up.

Lychee Berry head shot.

Not a creature was stirring....not even a Mouse!