Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Whippety Pupdate 03/31/15

Lots of pics to share from March.  Let's get this whippet party started...

First up, we've got Tau (HT-Runrig Tau Neutrino), with belated Christmas wishes, making whippet-camera face, doing some really nice sit-stays, down-stays, and a 'wait-for-it' with a cookie.  Good boy, Tau:

We love seeing pics of this Polka-dotted boy...looking so much like his mom, Penelope!

Next up, we've got a great Misu  (HT Tiramisu Frangelico) montage:

 Crate-sharing time with Oolie, the cat.  Both look like they want that crate for their own!  :)

 Agent Misu - from the  Professional Egg Inspection Unit.   (Checking out eggs from her mom's geese.)

 "Maybe just a taste...."

 "Now who is in my crate?!"

Showing off her snowfall amounts - yes - that's the TOP of her fence, and the TOP of a small pine tree to her left.

And making friends with her new kitty.   Nice girl, Misu...keeping that head low and making 'play with me' face.

Next up, we've got Mojo (HT Got My Mojo Workin') at the beach.  

That is one handsome whippet!

Next up, we've got Piper (HT Peppermint Patty) doing some shopping, and some nice posing for the camera:

Next up, we've got Twiggy (HT Twix) and Sceri (HT Sceri Monkey Sesame Puff)...looking ready to start the day!  
Good sit-stays, girls!

And last but not least, we've got True (HT Gummi Bear) and Heath (HT Heath Bar) enjoying the warm spring weather:

As always, thanks a bunch to our wonderful puppy owners for keeping us updated on how your kiddos are doing.