Monday, February 15, 2016

Past Pupdates and Denver Show Results

Show Results

We're excited to announce show results from the Rocky Mountain Cluster shows this weekend for Chewy (Horsetooth Charleston Chew) and Dots (Horsetooth Mason Dots), and Max (Horsetooth Max Zorin).

Saturday Chewy won Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best Owner-handled, and Best Bred-by Exhibitor!  This gives him his second major (AKC Championship requires 15 points, two of which must be 'majors' - 3 or more points won at single show;  points are tabulated on number of dogs defeated).

On Sunday, Chewy went Winners Dog again, for another 2 points, bringing his total to 10 - only 5 single points to go and he'll be an AKC Champion.

Dots also had a great Saturday and Sunday showing.  She won the Bred-by Exhibitor Bitch Class on Saturday, and again on Sunday.  On Sunday, she also took Reserve Winners Bitch.  No points this weekend for Dots, but still a great show!

PLUS - we have to brag on Max (Horsetooth Max Zorin).  On Friday, at his very first show (and he's only 9 months old), Max won the Open Dog class - expertly handled by his owner, Beth Beymer.

Go Team Horsetooth!

Past Puppy Updates:

We've also continued to get a bunch of great puppy updates to share:

First up, we've got Rufeus (HT Pesto Noche) and Zola' (HT Into the Mystic), hanging out with their kitty buddies, Tosca & Sophie:

Next we've got Penny (HT Worth Every Penne) - showing off her curves and muscles after a romp in the yard.  Looking good, girl!

Next up, we have Leo (HT Presto en Lestat) - all snuggled in for a long winter's nap:

And how about Oliver (HT Duke Henry the Red) and his little sister - sharing some snuggle time:

Next, we've got Piper (HT JuJu Child) and her best buddy, Amelia...proving that even whippets in Texas sometimes get chilly and need their jackets...

 Next we've got Isla (HT Kissy Suzuki), hamming it up for the camera:

 Who?  Me?

Next, we've got Lavender (HT Lavender Peacock) and Mackey (HT RJ MacReady), having some snuggles after playtime.

 Soooo sleepy....

"Ok...I'll lie down...but I am NOT sleepy!"

Next up, we've got Wichita (HT Wichita) doing some serious romping and some serious resting:

And finally, we've got Tau Tau (HT-Runrig Tau Neutrino) and Miso (HT Xenia Onatopp) sending out Valentine's Day love to all!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 2016 Snowmaggedon

Just had to share a few pics from around the Horsetooth Villa this morning:

 Ken and his tunnel down the front steps.  We have at least 2 feet of snow in most places, and drifts around 30 inches or so.

 The Whippet Hauler - snowed in!

 Fermi & Spicy ventured out briefly to check things out.

 Ken made pathways through the deck on the snow for the dogs, as it's to their elbows in most places - to their shoulders in others.

 Puppy Theo thinks it's the best thing that's happened in her short life.

 Dots & Theo - a rare moment of being still.  They've spent the better part of the morning ripping around at top speed through the white stuff.

 Our back deck and turtle tank on the left.  The turtles are snug in their indoor tank for the winter!

 Puppy Theodora - attempting to jump on TOP of the snow.  "Weeee!"

Two shots of Theo doing her "Santa" impression. 

 Penelope, warm and covered up in side says, "Pfffffftttttthhhhbbbbtttt" to all this snow.
 Smart old timer - she hasn't moved from her warm spot on the couch near the fire for several hours.

Lychee's also not interested in going out in this weather!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Feb. 2016 Pupdates

Happy February!  We hope all of our Colorado folks are staying warm and cozy with the heavy snowfall.

We've gotten some great new shots of past puppies:

First up, we've got Jack (HT Vincent Vega) and Mouse (HT The Matrix's Mouse) - celebrating Mouse's 2nd birthday on January 13th.

Mouse - getting some sun worshiping done...

 Jack - sitting pretty for the camera

 These two look like they're up to trouble...

And of course - no whippet montage is complete without the lounging pic!

Next up, we've got Heath (HT Heath Bar) on New Year's Eve.
Looks like he was hitting the champagne a little too hard....  ;)

Next up, we've got Trixie Belle (HT Squirrel Nut Zipper)
 Snuggle time with her boy, Hugo.

Alert and on guard for anything and everything going on in the neighborhood.

Next up, we've got another January 13th Birthday boy, - Neo (HT The Matrix's Neo) and his best buddy, Jasper:

Neo looking very dapper!

 Neo (left) and Jasper - both showing off their bow ties.

 Best Buddies.

Silly Neo.

Next up, we've got Ginger (HT Ginger Shrimp), with her favorite thing in the whole world - her chuckit ball:
We like that she's also showing off her Bronco pride with her choice of toys.

Next up, we've got Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico) celebrating her 3rd Birthday on Jan. 28th with a special treat...
...she must be digging in the bottom of the bag to find any missing french fries.

Next up, we've got another January 28th Birthday girl - Penny (HT Worth Every Penne), celebrating with her whippet brother, Larry (HT Larry's Wonton Takeout) and Italian Greyhound sister, Bella:
Now that's a relaxed trio!

Next we've got Olive (HT Biscotti Toscani), another of the January 28th birthday girls, on a fun trip to Chatfield Park.  
 Looks like it was a beautiful day and she had a good time - lots of whippet smiles!

Next up we've got Tau Tau (HT-Runrig Tau Neutrino) and his little sis, Miso (HT Xenia Onatopp) - spending a few days on vacation at the Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs with their family - looks like they had a good time being pampered pets!

 Miso says, "Wow...this is a nice bed!"


Tau also clearly found the beds to be up to par.

Next up, a great dark & stormy night pic of Piper (HT Peppermint Patty):
What could be better than a roaring fire, 3 warm & cuddly whippets, a nice glass of red wine - 

Next, we've got Annie (HT Annie Hayworth) and her buddy Arrow - 
Giving great ears for the camera!

And Annie - doing the 'guard whippet' impersonation. 

Last but not least, our own little Theodora - playing in the snow:
She thinks the white stuff is the best and loves to romp around in it.  She can't imagine why she should ever have to come in and warm up.