Tuesday, April 30, 2013

04/30/13 Mojo Pupdate

New pics of Mojo...

"I know it's a cat tree hammock...but it's just so comfy!"

Mojo's new hobby:  Camping!!!

Enjoying a nice glass of wine and some t.v. after a tough day of camping.  ;)

Mojo & his papa...grabbing some zzzzzzzz's.

Monday, April 29, 2013

04/29/13 Pupdate

More GREAT pics of pups to share:


Hobbes & Deja

Pics of Mojo coming soon!!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pupdates 04/28/13

We've been so busy around here lately, we haven't loaded many of the new pictures coming in of pups.  So...here goes:

Benson (Martini from the Shaken, Not Stirred Litter) & his dad, Scott.  Best Buddies!

Sleepy pups.  Deja (Lupini), Hobbes (Voodoo), and their big sister Morgan napping in a puppy pile.

Larry (Wonton - Shaken, Not Stirred litter) and Penny (Penne) - doing the yin & yang thing, whippet style.

Leopold (Presto!) watching Curious George on Saturday a.m. cartoons...with his Busy Bee toy.

Magnus (Stoli- Shaken, Not Stirred litter) peering up at the camera...this looks like a greeting card or poster shot to me.  :)

Misu (Tiramisu) taking a nap after her first hike in the woods.  Nice ears.  :)  Whenever her mom, Bella does this with her ears, I ask if she's going to take those ears in the ring to show the judges????

Thursday, April 18, 2013

More pupdates! 04/18/13

Miss Misu is weighing in with some adorable photos of her own! I like her new mom's captions, so will just add:

Misu has been testing out new sleeping places.

Of course, MY chair by the wood stove is quite comfy.

And the bay window is also a favorite napping spot, especially when the sun shines. 

Some times she even uses her own spot, in her travel crate.

Olive (Biscotti) Update 04/18/13

Another great update pic!  Here's Miss Olive (the whippet formerly known as Biscotti!)

More pupdates 04/18/13

And the pics and updates just keep rolling in.  We love it!

Luka & Layla...Layla looks like she's giving him a lecture about the great outdoors!

Piper (fka JuJu) in a patch of clover!

Rufeus and Zola...getting some lap snuggle time.

Peek-a-boo Rufeus...we seeeeee you!

Whippet Snow Day

Waffle, Wilco, and Sammy the GSP are out to prove that even short-haired puppers love the snow!

Waffle, Wilco, and Sammy - having a snow day!
 All they need now is a hot cup of cocoa!  

Waffle says, "Who needs cocoa?...I have FUR!"

Congratulations to 'Cato' - Horsetooth Shanghai Tofu

HUGE congratulations to Cato (Horsetooth Shanghai Tofu, of our Chinese Delights Litter #1), and owner Ellen Feldheim on their new FCh (Field Champion) title!

Cato is one of our most active whippet puppies, thanks to Ellen.  He had been doing some dock diving, flyball, coursing and racing...all at the tender age of 18 months.  Go TEAM CATO!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pupdate! 04/11/13

Ahhhhh...nothing like a tired whippet pup (Mojo) and his new bed & toys.

 Hobbes knows just what to do with his new bed, too!
Deja, Hobbes, and 'big sis' Morgan!   (Who needs a bed when you have a human lap?)


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another pupdate - new homes 04/09/13

More news and pics coming in...plus a few pictures left on our camera before the 'empty nest.'

JuJu making herself right at home.

Misu...not worried at all about the storm.

See?  Nothing to worry about...snug as a bug in a rug on the plane...in her new mom's lap!  Apparently, she was a hit with all the flight attendants, as well.

Waffle and brother Rigatoni - now Wilco - enjoying some snuggle time on this cold snowy day.

Leopold and sister Addie...also enjoying some snuggle time...determined to share Leo's new bed.  
"We can fit, we promise!"

Risotto - now Luka - showing off his new toy.

"My new toy works outside, too!"

Lupini and Voodoo - now Deja and Hobbes - doing the snuggle routine on their chair-bed...wow...we have some spoiled rotten pups!  :)

Deja...enjoying the Colorado sun before heading out to her new home.

Ahhh...nothing like an adult whippet to sleep on...

Lychee...wondering which pup we'll keep, before Selection Sunday...

Misu, snuggling aunt Spicy's rear.

Wilco...pondering life.

"Wonder which home I'm going to..." 

Alfredo, Penne, and Pesto...plotting their next escapade from under the cot...

Alfredo...hanging out

Alfredo 2 

Alfredo and 'big bro' Fermi...sharing some quality whippet piling time on the couch.

The adult dogs here at Horsetooth seem relieved that not ALL of the puppies are gone.

Alfredo and Aunt Spicy...apparently this is a common pose for this litter (see Misu above)

Alfredo - wondering when spring will arrive to stay.

Spice and Alfredo...they spent most of their snowy day together.

More Spice & Alfredo

And last but not least - past puppy, Magnus! (From the Shaken, Not Stirred Litter)  Looking very comfy in Cali...certainly not missing the Colorado snow.  :)