Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pictures, pictures! Get your post-Thanksgiving whippet fix here....

Just found a bunch of pics of the gang here at HT on the camera that date all the way back to August!

Mom & Daughters - Polliwog, Spicy Duck and Trinity in a sun puddle.

 Princess Bella - not a fan of the camera.  :) 

 "Oh, these darn Paparazzi"

 Breezy (HT Twizzler) pictured at 10 weeks old - visiting her family here at Horsetooth.

 Peek-a-boo...I see you.

Spicy & Uncle Buck, our Main Coon, have been good friends since she was a tiny pup 
and he was still a kitten.

They spent the entire day on the couch together recently...

 Johnson on Thanksgiving day...wondering if any of that turkey is for him:

The bird...

"Yo...People... Is any of that turkey for me? "

Trinity & Dots were verrrry helpful to Jen while she made her famous pumpkin cheesecake w/ sour cream topping:
"Hey!  That smells gooooood!  Can we has some?"

The cheesecake managed to get by spite of Trinity & Dots' best efforts.

Johnson got in on the cheesecake preparations as well, but we think he was still mostly just looking for the bird.

Bok Choy contents himself with a nylabone.

Dinner over.  Dishes done.  Sleepy puppies, Dots & Alfredo.  Triptophan works for dogs, too!

Friday, November 28, 2014

"Winston's Winter Wear" - whippet coats ready just in time for Christmas~

Know of any whippets in need of a warm jacket or two?  (We know how those whippet boys have a tendency to piddle on themselves and their coats sometimes...and what self-respecting diva whippet girl has less than 3 coats in her wardrobe!)

"Winston's Winter Wear" is officially up and running - named in honor & memory of that very special whippet boy, Winston Wolf.

We've got girl coats, boy coats, and gender-neutral coats ready just in time for the return of cold weather & the Holidays.

All of the coats feature two layers of fleece, a warm turtleneck you can turn up on really cold days to keep those delicate whippet ears warm, and satiny coat liner to keep your buddies from getting too itchy when wearing their coats.

Visit us our new page on Facebook to check out examples of our coats and stay tuned for updated pictures of all the various patterns and solids available!  Our link is:

Monday, November 17, 2014

Puppy Pic Updates 11/17/14

As promised, here are a few more pics that have come through of past Horsetooth pups:

First up we've got Indi (HT Chiclets) having a blast in the fall leaves with a buddy:

This one looks like a re-enactment of "JAWS"

Next up, we've got Chief (HT Rolo), graduating from Obedience training, and hanging out with his stuffy toys!

"Good Boy!"

Next up, we've got Jack (HT Vincent Vega) and Mouse (HT The Matrix's Mouse), doing some serious cuddling:


 Jack - posing for the Paparazzi.

"Snug as a Mouse in a rug!"

Next up are Newton (HT Zagnut) and Fossey (HT Pixie Stix), showing off their winter jackets and their "Sit-Stays":

"Please can I have dinner now?"

And how about HT Moon Pie and his lil buddy, Indy (HT JuJubes) with their kids & coats.

As always, we love the pics...keep them coming, folks.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

"Baby, it's COLD outside!"

With winter upon us, we're really excited to announce that we're going to start having WHIPPET COATS available soon!

We're working out the kinks in different coat designs, to try to offer the best coats for these wonderful hounds and their owners.

Omar (HT Oh Henry) & Kima (HT Skittles) have been the first to try them out, and we got reports back from their pet sitter that the pups love them and they're great.

Here's a pic of Omar hanging out at in his new coat at 5280 Hundesport for a week of boarding while his mom and dad are traveling (somehow he's managed to wriggle himself into bed!):

We're going to have a ton of different coat color patterns - both solids and prints, girly and manly - to choose from.  Each coat is double-polar fleece, and are all lined with coat liner, to keep the pups warm and less itchy (those sticky-prickly whippet hairs can get super itchy when they wear their coats).

More pics coming soon!  If you're interested in ordering a coat, contact Jen at so we can start taking orders.

Coats will be $50 and are designed to fit whippets of all sizes from tiny like little Polliwog, all the way up to big boys like Jett!

We've also got a bunch more new great pupdate pics to post, so stay tuned.....