Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Birthday to the Halloween Litters! Plus more show updates...

This past week brought 1st Birthday Celebrations for the Halloween Litters 1 & 2 (August 31st and September 1st, respectively).

Birthday pics and updates are rolling in already and we wanted to share.  It's always so fun to see pups as they grow:

First up, we've got Aspen (HT Becky Driscoll) - enjoying some doggie 'birthday cake' and looking pretty happy about it!

Next up, we've got Bedelia (HT Aunt Bedelia) enjoying her big chair and her birthday bunny...which is apparently very bouncy, which she loves:

Next up, here's Ollie (HT Duke Henry the Red) and his little buddy!

Next up, we've got Eva (HT Little Rock)...being as cute as a bug...and apparently getting into everything.   I don't know what it is about whippets and succulents, but they do seem to have a weakness for them!

Next up, we've got Wichita (HT Wichita) ...just chillin' out:

Next up, here's Mackey (HT MacReady) and Lavender (HT Lavender Peacock), hanging out with their new kitty and also showing off some great 'sit-stays'!

And how about Upson (HT Upson Pratt) and his gals, looking very suave in the birthday hat...

And now...for some awesome Show Results.  This past weekend at the Cheyenne Kennel Club show in Wyoming, Max (HT Max Zorin), from our Bond Litter, went Best of Winners for a 3 pt. major!  Giant congratulations to Max and Beth; both looked great and did a wonderful job:

Also at the show, Upson (pictured above in his birthday hat) took 1st place in the Owner-handled class both days - Congrats to owner-handler, Heather!

Chewy went Reserve-Winners-Dog on Saturday and first in the Bred-by-Handler dog class on Sunday; we're still fishing for that last point to finish his AKC Championship.

Dots went 1st in the Bred-by-Handler bitch class both days.

We also got to see a BUNCH of Horsetooth pups running at the Fun Run at the Zoiboys Ranch last weekend.  Great to see Breezy (HT Twizzler), Gatsby (HT Carol Anne), Max (HT Max Zorin), Upson (HT Upson Pratt), Omar (HT Oh Henry), Kima (HT Skittles), plus our own Polliwog, Feynman, Johnson, Alfredo, Trinity, Dots, and 1 year birthday-baby Theo.

Next Fun Run is scheduled for October 2nd...we'd love to see you all there.  Holler if you want more details.  These practice runs are a great, relaxed and fun way to get your pups some experience on the lure for coursing or racing, plus to hang out with a bunch of great sighthounds and their people.  :)