Monday, October 30, 2017

The Bowie Litter has arrived!

They're here!  The David Bowie Litter arrived yesterday (10/29/2017) morning around 7:30 a.m.  We've got 5 girls and 3 boys.

Spicy had quite a harrowing ordeal, as she began labor early on Saturday the 28th.  Little did we know that our girl, who's had no trouble with whelping in the past, would end up at CSU's emergency hospital twice - the second visit for a C-section.  She tried very hard, but those pups just didn't make it easy.

Mom and pups are all home and we are guardedly optimistic.  The first few days for any litter are the most critical, and this litter had a tough beginning.  All of our energy for the next few weeks will be aimed at keeping them hearty and hale.

Now that we've caught up on human sleep a little bit, it's time to jump in and share some info. and pics.

So, without further adieu, here they are - the David Bowie Litter:

1.  Rebel Rebel:  Extreme White & BrindleFemale, with 2 head patches (one with brindling), and a red patch on her left side.  Birth weight:  281 grams

2.  Ricochet:  Red Parti-marked Female, lots of red patches and a red dot on her right loin.  Birth Weight:  329 grams.

3. Little China Girl:  Extreme White & Brindle Female,  2 brindle head patches, one left-side patch, and one patch of brindle on her right elbow.  Birth weight:  316 grams

4.  Ziggy Stardust:  Red Parti-Marked Male, big red saddle pattern and white left flank.  Birth weight:  332 grams

5.  Diamond Dog:  Brindle Parti-Marked Female, dot on left hip, white triangle on neck, lots of flashy color on this girl!  Birth weight:  368

6.  Major Tom:  Extreme White & Brindle Male, 2 brindle head patches.  Birth weight:  379

7.  Blue Jean:  Brindle Parti-Marked Female, with a big white collar and a white zig zag on her back.  Birth weight:  365

8.  Halloween Jack:  Red Parti-Marked Male, white "Y" on his back and big white collar.  Birth weight:  342

Little China Girl, Rebel Rebel & Major Tom

Spicy and a puppy pile.

Diamond Dog snuggling on her mom.

From left to right at the milk bar:  Little China Girl, Ricochet, Major Tom(underneath ), Rebel Rebel and Ziggy Stardust.

'The Young Americans' from left to right:
Little China Girl, Blue Jean, Diamond Dog, Ziggy Stardust, Halloween Jack (up top), Ricochet, Major Tom, Rebel Rebel.

More puppy pile!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Happy Halloween from Banzai

Just had to share this hilarious, creative pic of Banzai (HT Andy Warhol) that his mom sent us...for those of you freaked out by Stephen King's "IT"....look away!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Puppy Xrays & More Birthdays!

October is a busy Birthday month for us, and about to get busier...


Spicy's x-rays on Friday the 20th show lots of heads & spines.  Any guesses as to how many?  (We know, but we're keeping it a secret this time.)  Let the guessing games begin.

She's doing great and we expect her to deliver right on time - sometime between the 25th & 30th, most likely.


Happy Birthday!

And yet another October Birthday Bunch to celebrate.  The Chinese Delights Litter pt. 2 had their 6th Birthday on Oct. 19th, sharing it with Ken.  We'll never forget the long birthday 'present' they offered him (an emergency c-section delivery) six years ago!

Happy Birthday to:

Salinger (HT Dark Star of Kung Pao)
Larry (HT Larry's Wonton Takeout)
Jett Jr.  (HT Mu Xiu Jett)
Trevor (Amulet General Tsau of HT)
and of course, Spicy Duck, the expectant mom herself!

Larry (HT Larry's Wontobn Takeout)


Jett Jr. (HT Mu Xiu Jett) and his little buddy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mid-Oct. Pupdates

We've gotten quite a few fun pics of various birthday and past pups this week, so decided to pop in for a quick mid-month pupdate!

First up, we've got six-month old Sammi Girl (HT Honey Badger Don't Care, aka Winky) - doing some serious snoozing and snuggling:

Looks like another 'parrot'/shoulder whippet!  :)


Next up, we've got Sammi's brother, Levi (HT The Whiz Kid) - also a whopping six months old!  Hanging out with his housemate, Mach-Z:


Next up, we've got Rowan (HT Stoli on the Rocks), doing some major sun worshiping:

“Most believed Rowan’s careful timing and monitoring of his UV exposure to be the result of the many horror stories of skin cancer which circulated through his various circles of association.  However, the true source of his caution lay in his having experienced what could only be described as a “moment of aesthetic crisis” when he had encountered a xoloitzcuintli [Mexican hairless dog]in his youth.”


Last but not least, we want to wish a Happy 6th Birthday (on the 12th of this month) to The Chinese Delights Litter part one:    

Moogie (HT Moo Gu Gai Pan)
Sceri (HT Sceri Monkey Sesame Puff)
Cato (HT Shanghai Tofu)
Rudy (HT Egg Drop)
  Lychee (HT Lychee Berry)
Cheyenne (HT Snow Pea of Cheyenne)
Devo (HT Devine Chop Suey)
Ginger (HT Ginger Shrimp)
Bok Choy (HT Bok Choy)

Happy Bithday, kiddos!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Puppies & New Titles & Whippie Birthdays & Past Pupdates & More!

It's that time again - time for a big Horsetooth Whippets blog update...


It's safe to confirm that Spicy is expecting!  This is a repeat litter from Bok Choy & Spicy.  Pups are due sometime around Halloween.  Stay tuned for updates!


Birthday Wishes!
Image result for whippet birthday

We've got a BUNCH of October Birthdays to celebrate.  The first was on Oct. 6th, for the Pulp Fiction Litter (Spicy x Feynman) - turning 4 years old this year.  

Happy Birthday to: 

Ez (HT Ezmerelda Villalobos)
Jack (HT Vincent Vega), pictured camping below, with his HT housemate, Mouse
Fabienne (HT Fabienne's Blueberry Pancakes)
Winston (HT Winston Wolf) - gone, but never forgotten
Rohan (HT Jules Winnfield)
Dunkel (HT Marsellus Wallace)

Camping buddies, Jack & Mouse

Mouse & Jack


Dunkel and his housemate, Hefe.

Additional upcoming October Birthdays include the Chinese Delights Litters (1& 2) on the 12th & 19th...they'll all be 6 this year.  We're looking forward to pics and updates of them, as well!


Past Pupdates!

First up, we've got Frankie (HT Wingnut)...
The whippet in it's natural environment  - the 'awkward sleeping pose'

Frankie & her housebuddy, Leo - sleeping nose-to-nose

Look, Mom - we're camping in the living room!

Sharing a bone.

Frankie - snugging on her new monkey toy - her graduation present for passing her Core Obedience class at Front Range K9 Academy!

So lady like.

Is that a whippet, or a parrot????

"I know I left that antler in here somewhere...."


Next, we've got Banzai (HT Andy Warhol):
Chillin' in his cave bed.

Looking very grown up for his 6 month Birthday.

Chillin' in his second cave bed...cuz a guy can never have too many cave beds!


Next up, we've got Wilson (HT Wilson J. Castaway), also celebrating 6 months:

What a smile!


And how about this cute shot of Windy (HT Everyone knows it's Windy) after her first day of lure coursing practice - wiped out!


Next up, we've got a bunch of Isla (HT Kissy Suzuki):

"I has a branch."

"Let's play!"


And how about Trixie Belle (HT Squirrel Nut Zipper) and her new ladybug pillow:
Now that's sleeping in style.


And for our grand finale, we've got Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico) - doing a lot of traveling/camping this summer, AND - earning her ARCHX Rally title this weekend!  (We're waiting for confirmation, but we believe she is the first whippet in history to earn this high title!)

A much deserved nap!

Congrats to Linda & Misu on their ARCHX title!

 Stay tuned for more.....