Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pupdate 02/26/13

It's been a busy week for the whippets.  Both litters are now eating solid foods (soaked kibble and canned foods), in addition to still nursing - so they're all growing like little weeds!

LOTS of play going on between them all - ear tugging, chase games, wrestling, and some tail grabbing are common.  They are also beginning to show interest in toys, and in the other adult dogs.

Personalities on the Mambo Italiano litter are definitely starting to blossom, which makes it a really fun time to watch them.  They're all full of tail wags and interested in the world.

In spite of the recent 12+ inches of snow we've had, they had an official photo shoot in the 'jungle' this afternoon (our atrium).  Some of them were ideal models; some were tough to catch.  Enjoy!

Everybody but one...can you figure out who's missing?  (His name starts with a V!)

Mambo Italiano Litter
(in birth order)


Fettuccini Alfredo








The Abracadabra Litter
(in birth order)




 (not a fan of the Paparazzi!)



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pupdate 02/19/13

This morning Penne, and then Tiramisu, noticed the moving ceiling fan in the bedroom...and subsequently became totally mesmerized....will these be our lure coursing & racing gals?  :)

All of the Mambo Italiano pups have 'fish eyes' right now...blurry pupils, not yet totally focusing - this silly stage will pass, but they still sure are cute!

Minimal sleeping/nursing pics of the Abracadabra litter today - protecting those delicate, just-opening eyes.

 Jen & Lupini - sharing an artsy moment.  :)

Momma Lizzie - looking a bit tired, but still being a great mom. 


 Lupini Bean - starting to get some polka-dots on the other ear (not shown), as well as eyeliner on her 
white-sided eye.

Alfredo...working over some puppy mash.  This little guy's colors are 
going to be incredibly striking - looks like a pretty dark red base with 
really steely blue brindling coming out.

Pesto and Lupini 

 Biscotti - giving us a Marilyn Monroe pose.

Peek-a-boo - Tiramisu

 Tiramisu, Rigatoni, Penne, Risotto, Biscotti, Pesto (counterclockwise from top left)...yes...we really can tell them apart.  :)

 Biscotti - quite the camera hound

 Risotto - he's already quite a character - loves people!

zzzzzzzzz-Ziti...also a snuggle bug.

 Penne - playing it cool like Coltrane

Mr. Red - Rigatoni  

Biscotti, Tiramisu, Rigatoni, Ziti, Alfredo, Penne, Risotto & Pesto - collapsed face-down into the pile!