Monday, August 12, 2019

Power of Cheese Pupdate - days 25 to 31

Lots of big leaps in development for the Cheeseballs over the past few days.  You'll notice just how much they've changed over the course of just a few days in the pictures below.

They continue to nurse and eat solid foods - we'll be introducing new tastes and textures this week: some liver (for vitamins!), and some beef and pork for variety.

They graduated out of their baby whelping pools, as well, and now have free reign of the whelping pen.  They spent their first night downstairs in the pen without Lychee last night, and did just fine - though Lychee was a bit unhappy about it, and was super happy to greet them and nurse this morning.

They're playing madly with toys and each other, and are very interactive with us - lots of greetings and tail wags when they are talked to and handled.  We continue to be surprised at how quiet this litter is.  They were quiet as newborns, and remain that way - even in play (at least right now), they're not super loud and rammy.

So - on to what everyone's been waiting for - the pictures! 

Still a few days left in the pool - Mama Lychee with Stilton (underneath), Fontina, Gouda, Brie, Gorgonzola, Pepper Jack, and Colby (sleeping this one out).




Brie and Pepper Jack

Deep Thoughts (about the litter box?) - by Fontina

Whippet Puppy Zombie attack on mama Lychee!
(Zola, Stilton, Brie, Jack)

Great shot of Zola's markings.


Pepper Jack is a wooley little guy!

Stilton, Colby, and Fontina


Uncle Feynman got in on the photography.

They all seem to like wedging themselves between small spaces.

Zola and her flying pig.

Pepper Jack and HIS flying pig.

Uncle Buck, the Maine Coon, hanging out on some scaffolding - we've had construction going on this summer, and neither the cats, nor the adult whippets, or the pups have let it phase them.

Monty the ragdoll kitty posing for the camera. 

So tired after playing - Brie, Fontina, Zola, and Stilton 

Fontina - snuggling her rubber bone.

Gouda - happy to have mom all to himself!

Colby - wedging again!

Sleepy Zola.

NOT so sleepy Zola.





Zola - in the act of rolling after attacking her pig!


Colby - sound asleep for this play session, and Stilton - chewing the fleece, thinking about joining in.

Pepper Jack

Zola, Stilton, and Fontina 

Zola, Stilton, and Fontina


First game of actual tug - Stilton & Fontina

Jack & a bit of Brie

Gouda - sleeping through this one.

Stilton - thinking things over.

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