Sunday, May 31, 2015

Great Show Results and more Bond 007 pupdate pics

Show Results:

Flat Irons Kennel Club Show, Longmont, CO - day 2 - 05-31-15

 Chewy - Best of Winners for his first points - a 4 point Major win - from the Bred-by Dog class.  Woohooo!

 Bok Choy - Reserve Winner's Dog from the Open Dog class!

Puppy News:

We've introduced toys, and the pups are actually starting to get the hang of playing with them...and with each other...and with their moms. 

Of course, eating and sleeping are still their top priorities.

 Goldfinger....doing his stretching exercises.  Growing puppies gotta keep in shape!

 Ernst Stavro Blofeld is giving Lychee a wet-willy while Kissy, Zoe, Domino, Scaramanga, and Xenia get down to some serious eating.

 Lychee showing infinite motherly patience with Ernst.

 Domino - scaling mount Lychee.
She was the first pup to climb out of her whelping pool to go investigate in the other pool with Polli's pups...storming the beaches!

 Uh oh, Lychee...mealtime is over, so now you're the target of play.

 Meanwhile, in Polli's side of the world - Max Zorin, Goldfinger, and Lavender are doing some serious play-biting with their mom and each other.

 Ernst found that the krinkle toy makes cooler sounds than Lychee when he chews it.

 Domino mixing it up with Xenia.

 Look out, Polli - Dr. No is going for your ear!
Look out, Dr. No - Hugo is going for you rear!

 "Let's all pile on Mom!"

 Yes...Polli really is under there somewhere...
Oh wait, Lavender Peacock found her!

 Polli is an amazing mom.  She is great with the little pups, but they are now beginning to hit her favorite phase - the play phase.  You can see she's in mom-dog heaven, surrounded by wriggly, wrestling pups and toys.

5 minutes later - they were all sound asleep.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Show Results, Past Pupdates, & Bond 007 Pupdate

Flat Irons Kennel Club Show results - day 1:

 Chewy:  Reserve Winner's Dog from the Bred-by class

Bok Choy:  Open Dog class - 3rd Place

Past Pups:
First up, we've got Indi (HT Chiclets), from the OTC2 litter, celebrating his Birthday and getting his life jacket on for swim practice:

Next up, we've got Jack (HT Vincent Vega) and Mouse (HT The Matrix's Mouse)
 "Silly humans...Whippets do NOT potty in the rain.  Try again in a few hours....."

" Is that...a...SQUIRREL??????"

And supervising the neighbors as they were loading a trailer next door.  
They look like they want to go help!  

Bond 007 Pups:

More pics coming soon.  All 11 pups are really starting to eat (real food, and still nursing) like crazy.  This means they mostly are gorging...growing...sleeping.  :)

Plus - we have teeth!  All the pups have little baby teeth buds breaking through the gums.  

Here's a shot of postprandial snoozing from this afternoon:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy Birthday to the Olde Time Candy Litter Part 2!

Happy 1st Birthday to the Olde Time Candy Litter pt. 2!  Once again, time flies. 

Indi (Chiclets)Newton (Zagnut)True (Gummi Bear)Dots

We've got some some cute Birthday pics to share and have head there are lots more pics on the way:

First up, Fossey (Pixie from the OTC 1), hanging out in Golden with her best friend, Amelia:

Next up, Miss Dots (with Chewy photobombing - those two are inseparable):

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Birthday to our Olde Time Candy Litter & Bond 007 Update

Happy 1st Birthday to our Olde Time Candy Pups:

Kima (Skittles)
Omar (Oh Henry)
Fossey (Pixie Stix)
Chewy (Charleston Chew)

A few pics of some of the birthday kids:

 Kima soaking up some sun.

Omar - Assistant Grilling Chef 

Cuddle Bugs 

Sharing a stick.


Chewy & Dots (Dots just couldn't grasp the concept that this photo shoot is for Chewy's birthday...not her own coming up in two more days....)

How about some little Bond 007 pups...Polli's whole litter is trying to eat puppy food (soaked and mashed up kibble).  In true toddler fashion, they tend to get more of it all over themselves and the bedding than they get in their mouths.

Domino Vitalli is re-enacting the face-sucker scene from the movie, Alien, on her mom.

 Dr. Julius No...taking an interesting approach to the puppy bowl.  Perhaps if he climbs in ALL the way, he'll get more in his mouth.

Lavender Peacock is having a bit more succes.

While Dr. No hogs all the space, if not the food, his brothers have gotten tired and fallen asleep one, by one. 

Meanwhile...back in Lychee's whelping pool - sleep reigns supreme.
Clockwise from top:  Kissy, Scaramanga, Onatopp, Blofeld, Zoe Nightshade.  Domino was off doing her own thing....

Sunday, May 24, 2015

05/24/15 Bond 007 Litters Pupdate

We've had some 'firsts' in the last few days.

Max Zorin was the first to try solid food (soaked kibble) this morning - Hugo Drax and Lavender Peacock were quick to follow in his footsteps.

Lavender Peacock was the first to use the puppy litterbox last night.

Hugo Drax was the first to wag his tail (when he smelled the food bowl this afternoon!)

Zoe Nightshade was the first to have her eyes open all the way.

Speaking of eyes - most of them are open now, so this week we'll have no flash pictures to protect those new peepers.

The pups also all got their first toenail clipping on Wednesday, and are already ready for another one.
They all continue to eat, sleep, and grow like crazy.  The moms are doing great and are able to spend a little more time away from them now.

The adult Horsetooth whippets got to spend a few hours out in the sun this morning before the clouds moved in again.  They all seemed really happy to have a bit of warmth and sunshine to play in.  I think we're ALL ready for some sun....

 Max Zorin toes and Polliwog toes.

 Big Auric Goldfinger stretch.

 Sir Hugo Drax and a bit of Dr. Julius No...snuggling on the heating pad.

 From left:  Scaramanga, Zoe Nightshade, Domino Vitalli, Kissy Suzuki.

 Drax, Max Zorin, and Lavender in the food bowl.

 Drax says, "Nom, nom, nom, nom...."
 This eating business is exhausting.

 Zenia Onatopp

 Ernst Stavro Blofeld

 Kissy Suzuki

 Scaramanga and Zoe Nightshade

 Lychee sniffing Domino's head. 

Lychee, Scaramanga, and Zoe 

 BIG Scaramanga yawn.

 Zoe Nightshade


 Meanwhile...back with Polli's pups...Drax has finally stopped eating and fallen asleep with his foot in the bowl.

 Auric Goldfinger 

 Dr. Julius No

 Lychee and all six - Zoe Nightshade is really on the move in the middle of the pic!

Kissy Suzuki