Monday, May 27, 2019

May 2019 - Lots of Whippet News...

It's definitely time to catch up on our blog again.  As usual, time has gotten away from me, and we've got lots of great photos from past pups to share, along with more news - some happy, some sad....

Let's jump in with some fun and exciting news first:  Puppies!!!

After a nearly 2 year hiatus on puppies, we've bred Johnson & Lychee, and we're hopeful and excited for pups to arrive in mid- to late- July.  This is a repeat breeding of our "W" litter from 2017 (lots of pics of them below), and just like those pups, we expect these new pups to inherit their dad's incredibly snuggly sweet personality, along with their mom's wiggly sense of humor and smarts!

Next up, some hard news.  It's taken a bit for me to be ready to post about the passing of one of our first whippets, Jett (Stillwater Whisper Jet, RN, OTR) on May 15, 2019.  Always the faithful hound, Jett was a big presence in our household - ever ready for pats and snuggles, forever looking at you with his huge eyes - with his unblinking, trusting gaze.  Father and grandfather to some really amazing pups, he is sorely missed.  Run free, big boy.

We are happy to have so many of Jett's kids and grandkids in such fantastic homes to remember him by, and we've got some past pupdates from some of those pooches:

Here's Heath (HT Heath Bar) - a Jett son, and his best buddy, True (HT Gummi Bear) hanging out in their favorite spot - great for basking, plus a great view!

And how about Jack (HT Vincent Vega), a Jett grandson, and his best buddy, Mouse (HT The Matrix's Mouse):

Next up, we've got Trixie Belle (HT Squirrel Nut Zipper), a Jett granddaughter, enjoying the beach, with some BIG surf:

Next, we've got some Birthday pups:  The "W" Litter turned 2 on March 12th.

Here's Wilson (HT Wilson J. Castaway), doing some 'rock climbing', and enjoying the views, plus doing some chair climbing and having a favorite treat....

Next, we've got Wilson's brother, Banzai (HT Andy Warhol), enjoying his 2nd birthday in the sun, waiting patiently for his pupcakes!

And how about their sister, Wynter (HT Whiplash) along with her best friend, Siri:

And how about birthday brother Winston (HT Wombat) - enjoying a favorite toy in the yard:

And a whole montage of both old & new pics of Birthday girl, Frankie (HT Wingnut) and her buddy, Leo - from her 'gotcha' day all the way through her 2nd Birthday:

The next batch of Birthdays came on April 11 - with the "W2" litter turning 2.  

First up, we've got Sammi Girl (HT Honey Badger Don't Care, aka Winky), hanging out in Mexico, where she's a hit wherever she goes, including her favorite restaurant where she gets tons of attention:

Next up is Sammi's brother, Levi (HT Whiz Kid), whose been trying his paw at lure coursing in AKC CAT (Coursing Ability Test) competitions:

Next up, sister Windy (HT Everyone Knows its Windy), looking very statuesque...wonder if she's got a squirrel cornered on that fence???

And looking & behaving like a lady indoors...

And still another Spring Birthday, our very first litter - The Quantum Pups - turned 9 on April 14th:

We love this shot of ZigZag (HT Bohr), sleeping in, as any proper whippet should!

Not a recent birthday boy, but still some great shots of  Luigi (HT Morpheus), along with his buddy Mario, living the good life:

And last, but never least, we've got Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico) doing some serious flying at a recent agility fun run: