Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Past Pupdates - August/September 2017

We've got some more great shots of past pups and some Birthdays to celebrate:

First up, the Halloween Litter pt. 1 turned 2 years old on August 31st.  Happy 2nd B-day to:

Theo (HT Theodora)  

Annie (HT Annie Hayworth) 

Oliver (HT Duke Henry the Red)

Eva (HT Little Rock)

Aspen (HT Becky Driscoll)

Wichita (HT Wichita)

Roxy (HT Stevie Wayne)

Bedahlia (HT Aunt Bedelia)


And the very next day, September 1st, the Halloween Litter pt. 2 celebrated their second birthdays.  So a very Happy Birthday goes out to:

Khaleesi (HT Agent Clarice Starling)

Upson  (HT Upson Pratt)

Indy (HT Herbert West)

E. Buzz (HT E. Buzz)

Gatsby (HT Carol Anne Freeling)

Ash (HT Ashley J. Williams)

Mackey (HT Lavender's RJ MacReady)
Finley (HT Delbert Grady)
Hot Rod (HT Cherry Darling)


And some more random pics:

Birthday boy, E. Buzz & his mama. 

And snuggling with his HT housemate, Wilco (HT Rigatoni Sorrentino).


Birthday girl, Bedhalia - during the eclipse!


Birthday boy, Upson - showing off his loot from his first ever NOTRA (Oval Track racing) event, in which he placed 2nd!  Way to go, Upson!


Sammi Girl (HT Honey Badger Don't Care, aka Winky) - catching some snoozy zzzzzz's after a romp at the park.


Birthday boy, Ash and family.


And 3 great shots of Wilson (HT Wilson J. Castaway), romping in his park: