Monday, July 6, 2015

LOTS of Past-Pup-Pics & the Fourth of July Fun Run!

Many, many thanks to all who could join Jen and some of the Horsetooth Crew at Zoiboys Ranch for the 4th of July Fun Run and potluck.  We got most of our kennels built (yay!) down there, and had a grand time running some hounds.

Great pics sent in far from the Lange family (owners of Tau & now Miso - aka Xenia) and from Paul & Viv (owners of Omar - aka Oh Henry! and Kima - aka Skittles):

Tau (HT-Runrig Tau Neutrino) 

Tau and Brother, Feynman, on Tau's qualifying NOTRA run.

Dots (HT Mason Dots) on her first time ever on the lure.  She liked it!

Jett and Timmy - showing how the 'old boys' can still get 'er done!

What Johnson lacks in skill, he makes up for in bounding enthusiasm!  Johnson expends more energy in the upward leaps and bounds than in actual forward motion, but he does have a good time out there...

Chewy also had his first try on the lure - though not as drivey as Dots, he still enjoyed it a lot.

Kima (HT Skittles) really tore it up.  She also made a clean qualifying NOTRA run later in the day.

Omar (HT Oh Henry), Kima & Chewy's brother, also had a blast, though he figured out how to 'cheat' by cutting the corners!

Even recent-mama dog Polli got in on the running action...she may be tiny, but she has a LOT of heart and always gives it her all:

Kima & Omar, saying "Hi" to their dad, Jett during a moment of rest.

Omar & Kima, and some of the Bond 007 pups - Miso (HT Xenia Onatopp), Chamois (Ht Dr. Julius No), and Lavender Peacock:

End of the day, tired pups and 4 completed 5' x 15' kennels.  Again, so many thanks to Randall and Carol and Bob and Diana and Louis and Judy and Preston and Paul and Viv for all their help.  The kennels wouldn't have gone up and my dogs wouldn't have gotten so much running in without you!

How about some past-pup updates, as well?

On July 5th, our "Shaken, Not Stirred Litter" celebrated their 3rd Birthday.  Happy Birthday to Bear (Harvey Wallbanger), Benson (Dry Martinit), Sprocket (Rye Manhattan), Rowan (Stoli on the Rocks), and Waffle (Hot Toddy)!

Here's Waffle - enjoying her day:

And Benson - out on the water with his best beagle buddy:

Speaking of birthdays, from our June 8th, OTC 3 Birthday crew, we got these great shots of Indy (HT JuJuBes) and her best buddy, HT Moon Pie:

Earlier May Birthday boys, True (HT Gummi Bear) and Heath (HT Heath Bar) having a cuddle: 

And how about Hugo (HT Hugo Drax) settling into his new home: 

Hugo's new big buddy - guarding the baby:

Little Lavender Peacock - all tuckered out after her big day at the races. 

Max Zorin looks to be fitting right into his new home: