Sunday, January 18, 2015

Birthday Pics & Much, Much More (01/18/15)

The Matrix litter celebrated their first birthday last Tuesday while Jen's computer was in the shop, but we're excited to share some pics:

First up we've got Luigi (HT Morpheus of Zion)

Next up, our own birthday girl, Trinity:

And now for some non-birthday pics...

First up, we've got Trixie Bell (HT Squirrel Nut Zipper):

Day at the beach.

 Hanging out with the 99 year old...

 And the 4 year old!

What a pretty girl.

Next up, we've got a nice family shot of Larry (HT Larry's Wonton Takeout), Penny (HT Worth Every Penne), and their IG buddy, Bella - soaking up some sun:

And here's Rohan (HT Jules Winnfield), sporting another new coat from our very own Winston's Winter Wear:
Looking good, Ro.  Looking good.

Not to be outdone, the rest of the Horsetooth gang have been posing some this past week as well:

Penelope, Feynman, Timmy and Spicy Duck - having a cuddle. 

Red dawgs - Timmy & Spicy.

 Dots!  (Looking so much like her mom, it's creepy.)

Nice ears, Bok appears to have fallen off...the other is as crookedy as can be. 

Alfredo - sporting some nice 'round head'. 

A couple of nice Chewy headshots. 

 Fermi - not to be overlooked in the headshot department.

 Squinty sunshiney Jett.

 Squinty, sunshiney Lizzie.

 One of Dots' favorite past times is driving her dad Timmy nuts by shoving her entire nose into his mouth.  A lot of silliness always follows:

 Dots - tired after all that playing with papa.

 Dots & Alfredo...whose head has apparently fallen off...

Lychee says, "Yes?  Can I help you?"

Fermi, Feynie, and Spicy snuggles. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year from Horsetooth Whippets

The crew here at Horsetooth weighs in on how they feel about the recent snow and cold:

 Classic Bella "Stink Eye"

 Seriously?  What's up with these freezing temperatures?!

Bok Choy says,  "Whuuuut?  It's only going to be 14 for a high???"

Penelope and Lychee sharing some body heat.

 Alfredo and Dots look less than excited about the weather, as well.

 Timmy says, "Pppppffffffffttttt!"

 Sage Jett says, "With great cold comes great responsibility .... to stay on the couch all week."

 Feynman, Alfredo, Fermi and Penelope

Question:  How many whippets can you fit on one large cool-a-roo bed on a cold winter eve?  
Answer:  Six!

 In spite of the cold, you can't beat the views!

 Chewy is the only one who seems unfazed by the cold.  This little snow bunny's found a warm sun puddle to share with Timmy's butt. 

Last but not least, we received a great pic of ZigZag (HT-Runrig Bohr) soaking up some snuggle time on what his mom calls "The most expensive dog bed ever."  We love seeing all those freckles!  He looks just like his mama Penelope.  :)

We want to wish everyone a great 2015!