Monday, March 19, 2018

Big Birthday Blog!

March is a month chock full of birthdays here at Horsetooth Whippets, so let's get this party started:

First up, our wonderful senior gal, Lizzie (HT Elizabeth Q. Linguini, RN, BN), turned 11 years young on March 1st.  To kick off her year with a bang, she's accompanying Jennifer through an online review course in the training method Jennifer's used for the last 18 years at Front Range K9.  She's rocking the required weekly videos and hasn't missed a beat.


Next on the birthday bandwagon is our jolly old boy, Jett (Stillwater Whisper Jett, RN).  Jett also turned 11 this month - on the 11th of March.  Like a good wine, Jett just gets better and better with age.


And we'll be celebrating one more 11th birthday in just a few days - on March 22nd - for Penelope (HT Penelope Pogostick, RN, JC, SR, OTR).  There are not enough words in the English language to describe Penelope.  She may be a little slower in stride, and a little grayer around the face, but she continues to be the straw that stirs the drink around our place - always keeping the other whippets (and us!) in line.  She's always ready to work, ready to snuggle, ready to eat, ready to play, ready to go, go, go...


Still rolling along on the birthdays, the W Litter also celebrated this month - turning one year old on March 12th.  We've gotten some really great pics of the pups from this fun litter.  Here they are, in birth-order:

Frankie (Wingnut) - looking like quite the princess in her new birthday crown:

On her homecoming day...and one year later, in the same spot:

Sharing her whippet-shaped birthday cookie with housemate Leo.


Banzai (Andy Warhol) partied hard with greyhound buddy, Oscar, and whippet friend, Bing:

Oscar, Banzai, Bing - waiting patiently for birthday treats.

Banzai & Oscar

Banzai, Oscar, Bing

Banzai & Bing

Oscar & Bing gave Banzai a new soft puppy toy!

And another great pic showing just how much these guys have grown - Banzai at one year and at 5 weeks old.


Wilson (Wilson J. Castaway) got a special birthday visit from 2 swans.  He spent time watching them from all of his windows....

And had a run in the park... 

...with his best friend, a standard schnauzer he's known since puppyhood. 

Celebrated some more... 

...and found some warm laundry to curl up in!


Winston (Wombat) and little sis, Windy in the sun.


Wynter  (Whiplash)

She celebrated with a new birthday chew toy...and managed to save a bit of it for her pic!


Maebell (Whimsy) had a special doggy birthday cake...which she was willing to share with her housemates.  Good girl!


Lola (Whoopi) on the left, with housemate Riley.


Next up, we've got a bunch more past pup pics:

Ez (HT Ezmerelda Villalobos) and her new little 'sis' - Sophie the havanese puppy.


Hobbes (HT Voodoo Child)

All snuggled into the covers - just like any proper whippet should be!


Levi (HT Whiz Kid), and his housemate, Mach-Z....bunny hunting?


Sammi (aka Winky, aka HT Honey Badger Don't Care), finishing up her trip to Mexico with some more sunny beach time:


Luci (HT Diamond Dog) and Tom (HT Major Tom), posing pretty for the camera.


Mixy (HT Blue Jean) - hamming it up:

And last, but never least, we've got Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico), sporting some lovely new clothes to withstand the cold winter storms in Maine:


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Past Pupdate - Feb 2018

We've gotten some fun pics of past pups throughout the month, and thought we'd share:

First up, we've got Sammi (aka Winky, aka HT Honey Badger Don't Care), making friends with a gorgeous labrador on her recent trip to Mexico.  Her mom reports that she's in love!  I think by the wag of the lab's tail, he is too!


Next up, we've got Aegon (aka HT Halloween Jack) - 'catching a squirrel'...well, actually one of his housemates caught it, but we won't tell that to Aegon!

"Looky what I got!"

"Gotta find a place to hide my treasure."

"Maybe it'll fit through the dog door..."


Next up, we've got a fun Whippet Ears semaphore from Trixie Belle's mom (HT Squirrel Nut Zipper):


Next, we've got Frankie (HT Wingnut) and her housemate Leo, hamming it up:
Stealing Leo's snuggle thunder (Leo on the left; Frankie on the right)

Snuggling her bunny.

Sibling snugs.


On the way to school at Front Range K9 Academy

Sun Baby!

These two apparently love to sleep with their heads together.  

Two heads are better than one!


Last but not least, we've got Ricochet (already up to 20lbs at 4 months old!) and her housemate, Amber: