Wednesday, May 31, 2017

W2 pups - Weeks 6 & 7 & Past Pupdate

It's incredible how fast the W2's are growing and changing.  The first few pics in this series were taken only 6 days ago, but they're much bigger, and even have longer noses in just that short time!

They've been able to spend a ton of time out doors - wrestling, digging, chewing, getting dirty, and growing the last few days:

First up, another silly 'talking' pic of Theo - wondering what she's telling Trinity?

Woody & Windy

Woody & Windy

The Whiz - looking pensive.

Grandma Penelope

Wernher Von Braun - hanging out with auntie Lizzie

The Whiz & Mr. Whipple - mixing it up with Spicy

Wernher - looking for trouble? 

Yep!  Looking for trouble (with The Whiz).

The Whiz isn't going to put up with much - these two are almost the same size now, so Wernher isn't as successful 'throwing his weight around.'

Nice kick to the chest from The Whiz.

Meanwhile - Mr. Whipple's just looking pathetic with his 'round head' skills - looking for some cuddling?

Typical Theo  - tongue out!  - "pffffbbbbtttt"

Mama Trinity and Whipple sharing a stick.

Chewy & Windy sharing a tire toy...daddy Bok Choy supervising on the left.

Whisper - hard to catch on film today, but such a sweet little girl!

Woody and his crooked tail.  :)

Grandpa Johnson.

Windy - action shot - this girl is a pistol today!

Winky and Wernher.

Windy and Wernher had a LONG wrestling match (with a bit of Woody's kinky tail!)

Ouch!  No face biting!

Meanwhile...over on another dog cot, there was quite a melee going on...

Ah ha!  That's what it's all about...Winky has a stick and everyone wants a piece!

Next up, we've got a whole bunch of past pup pics to share:

We'll kick it off with 3rd Birthday wishes to Fossey (HT Pixie Stix) and Newton (HT Zagnut);  Fossey turned 3 on May 25th, and Newton caught up with her on May 27th.  Here they are with their big older brother, Max:

Next up, we've got Maebell (Whimsy) from the W Litter - practicing her sits with her big sis & brother:

Then we've got 3 adorable shots of Banzai (Andy Warhol), also from the W litter:

What a photogenic boy!  

Next, we've got Sir Winston (Wombat), hanging out in the grass, looking quite content - his mom reports that he's discovered 'the enemy' (the neighborhood squirrel), and is working on hunting it down immediately!

Next up, we've got Wilson of the W's - playing some Frisbee, and keeping score!

And finally - we've got birthday wishes for Lavender Peacock, who turned 2 on May 8th, and her 'little brother', Mackey (HT RJ MacReady):

Looking like quite a princess!


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Week 6 for the W2's and Big Past Pupdate

The W2's are growing fast and thriving.  They are the cleanest puppies we've ever raised - for the past 2 mornings, there have been NO messes outside of their litter boxes, which is not only unusual for pups this age - but really awesome for whoever is on clean up duty (read:  Jen)!

Most pups at this age treat their whelping kennel like rock stars treat hotel rooms.  :)

We've gotten a bunch of fun pics of past pups lately (including some of the recent W litter pups in their new homes), and also managed to snap a few of the Wiggly W2's, as well.


First up, we've got "Wynter" (aka Whiplash)...

...doing some serious snoozin'.

Nestling into her newly-discovered beanbag chair.


Practicing her good-girl skills while visiting family in hospital.


Then we've got some great 2year B-day pics of Hugo (Sir Hugo Drax)...looking so much like his mama dog, Polliwog (pictured further down in this post): 

What is it about Whippets, Sunshine, and Dog Cots?  :)

Keeping watch with his best friend, Milo.

Hoarding all the toys? 

Snoozin' with Milo.

Doing what whippets do best - relaxing!

On a hike with his dad and Milo.

Doing some exploring.

"This is MY toy....You can't has it."


Next up, a couple of great shots of Wilson:

Here we have the whippet in it's other natural nesting environment...the 'cave bed'!

Soaking up some rays in his own personal sun room.  :)


Next up, it's Winston (aka Wombat): 

Learning the valuable lesson of brushing his teeth.  Just like all toddlers, he has to be supervised to make sure he brushes properly and doesn't swallow the toothpaste...or the brush!  ;)

And like his fellow whippets, Winston is clearly also a sun worshiper.


Next up, we've got a great shot of Bedahlia (HT Aunt Bedelia), enjoying her new ottoman, and willing to share with her little sis, Cheri:


And how about some 3-year birthday pics of Omar (HT Oh Henry!) and his sister, Kima (HT Skittles):

Kima - looking quite regal.

Omar - not to be outdone in the head shot department.

Watching the streetsweeper - aka 'the most interesting thing in the world.'

New Olympic Event:  Synchronized Sleeping.  I give them a '10'.

And now for some shots of the W2's and some of the Horsetooth Villa crew:

The Whiz, Whisper, and Woody

Trinity and Winky 

Ken getting ready to bean me with a snowball (just kidding)...but check out our 4' high snow drift - still intact, 3 days AFTER 'Snowmaggedon, May 2017'.

Lizzie and Windy - sharing some snuggle time.


The snow in our back yard is finally melted and it's nearly 80 degrees out - perfect puppy weather.
Mr. Whipple, Woody, and Winky


A couple of shots of our lab puppy...oh wait, that's Wernher Von Braun!  :)

Winky - stretching out in the sun on a cot.

Theo, Mr. Whipple and Trinity.

"MOM!  He's bothering me!"
Woody & Theo

Wernher & Theo - nice and dusty from playing in the outside world.  
He looks like he could be her puppy instead of Trinity's!

Winky had quite the time playing in our big outside water bowl...

Woody's looking at her as if to say, "What's WRONG with you?  That water is for drinking...not playing in!"

She just couldn't resist.

"Whew!  That water is COLD!"

The Whiz & Theo

Mr. Whipple and Whisper

Polliwog having a bit of a wrestle with Woody and Windy

"Oh you puppies!  You're so silly, it makes me want to roll around on my cot with joy!"

Not the greatest pic - but had to include it for the smile on Polliwog's face.

Trin, Theo, and Wernher - all the dark dogs are staying out of the sun!

The Whiz

Theo is a popular snuggle buddy today.
Woody & Theo

Windy and Winky - chewing up pine needles.

A bit of Aunt Lizzie, Windy, and Winky

And last but not least, 3 shots of Woody: