Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rufeus & Zola Update 06/27/2013

Rufeus and Zola have been quite busy...learning to swim, graduating from puppy class, a professional photo shoot, AND hanging out in the yard being sun babies...quite a great summer for them so far!

Wilco, Leo & Misu Pupdates 06/27/13

As usual lately, I've gotten behind in keeping up with updates, so here we go:

Apparently, the humans are giving out sleeping pills over at Wilco & Waffle's house.  :)

Leopold - looking wistful.  I love the artistic shadows on this artistic looking pup.  SUCH a handsome man.  :)

Misu recently took a seafaring adventure...ok, well...a lake-faring adventure:

 "Ready for anything"

 Wait...we're going where???

 Oh, all right. Get it ready.


We have a ton of pics from Rufeus (twfka Pesto) & Zola (twfka Mystic) coming in the next post, so stay tuned...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sad News

It's with a heavy heart that I write this post - but also with a word of warning - to hopefully save the lives of future dogs.

Little Isabella (Ziti - of the Mambo Italiano litter) had a terrible accident this past Sunday and didn't survive.  From what we can tell, she must have run head first at full speed into either a closed dog door, or possibly a deck post.  She suffered major brain trauma and was euthanized later that day.

As a dog trainer, I've never been a fan of dog doors, and now I have a much stronger reason to oppose them.  Though we're not sure this is the cause, please, please, please - if you must use a dog door with your whippets (or any dogs), make sure to teach them that it can be closed or open, and be sure to mark the closing panel with some sort of reflective-tape or other clearly visible marking so the dog can see when the dog door is closed.

Our hearts go out to Isabella's entire family and to her big brother whippet, Moogie.  We share deeply in their grief.

Hopefully getting the word out about her tragic accident will prevent it from happening to other dogs.

Sleep well, Sweet Princess.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More pupdates...starring Luka this time

We got a whole bunch of amazing shots of Luka (the whippet formerly known as Risotto) and his many pals, so we gave him a whole update page of his own today.  :)

Pupdates 06/11/13

Who needs Jane Fonda's workout, when you have a whippet...apparently, Leo climbs up on his pop's back anytime he's doing his morning push-ups.  

This is probably a familiar site around a lot of puppy households...missing puppy teeth, along with new adult teeth.  Piper shows off her "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth" look.

Wilco & Waffle crashing hard after a long day at the dog park & trip to Boulder.

Zues & Olive...looks like this might have been taken right after dog training class?  Those two are some tired kiddos!

Gorgeous Miss Olive posing like a princess.  :)

Sammy, Wilco, and Waffle enjoying some couch snuggles.

Penny checking in with her loooong whippet nose and pretty dilute eyes.

Penny posing with some great 'roundhead!'

Princess Penelope & the Boys...

Two more great weekends for Penelope, Feynman & Fermi:

Flat Irons Kennel Club Show, Longmont, CO - 06/02/13

Feynman takes Reserve Winners Dog from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class.
Fermi takes 2nd in the Open Dog class.....

And Penelope takes Winner's Bitch for her 1st AKC point from the Open Bitch class.  Woohoo!!!

Follow that by an incredible day at the Zoiboys Ranch in Falcon, CO on 06/09/13 for a Zoiboys Annual Solo Speed Challenge (timed 200 yard sprints) - Unofficial results put Penelope as the fastest track time of the day, with her boy Fermi in second place.

All of the dogs had a good day, running between 12 and 14 seconds on the 200 yard straight track - which puts them at about 30mph!  Not too shabby after a winter of lying about and not doing much.

Go Team Horsetooth!!!

Updated puppy pics coming soon...