Sunday, September 27, 2015

09/27/15 Halloween Pupdate

The Halloween pups are growing like weeds!

 They are still nursing some, but also starting to eat a lot more solid food.  We're beginning to introduce a rotation of diets, to acclimate their digestive tracts to different protein, fat and carb. sources.  We've found that this helps them later in life to be able to handle different foods.

They've officially graduated completely out of their puppy pools and into their whelping kennels at both work and home.  This group adjusted really well, and are getting ready to explore the next step - our living room and Jen's training studio.

They've already become much more active and awake for longer periods of time.  We've caught a couple of great action shots over the last few days.  They are beginning to really chew on each other and wrestle around, and are starting to notice and play with toys!


Upson Pratt - snoozin'

 Stevie Wayne

 Aunt Bedelia

 Little Rock

 Carol Anne

 E. Buzz

 Carol Anne & Delbert Grady - face wrestling.

 Annie Hathaway at the nom bowl, and a rare  pic of Theo awake.

The sleepy corner - Cherry Darling (bottom), Little Rock (left), Ash (upper right) 

Little Rock - waking up and saying "Blehblehbleh" 

 Little Rock chewing her fox toy.

More yawing pics - Becky Driscoll, Ash, and a bit of  Wichita.

Puppy Pile from top:  Stevie, Wichita, a bit of Becky, and a bit of Starling. 

Cherry Darling and her sister Carol Anne - face wrestling.  
It's the whippet puppy version of 'thumb wars.'

Becky and Wichita 

 Annie tackling MacReady.  She's ready for NFL tryouts.

Group chew!  Upson chewing Carol Anne; Carole Anne chewing Delbert Grady. 

Carol Anne and Wichita

 Duke Henry the Red

 Henry the Red and Bedelia

 MacReady tackling Upson Pratt.  "Put me in, coach!  I'm ready to play!"

Becky climbing all over E. Buzz while he tries to eat. 

 MacReady and his bone.

Henry the Red and Upson 

From left:  Henry the Red, Upson, Starling, Wichita 

 Puppy Explosion!  Clockwise from bottom: Carol Anne, Upson, Little Rock (getting her face chewed off by Upson), Delbert Grady, Henry the Red, Stevie, Becky, Starling and Wichita.

Wichita...looking horrified at the amount of wrestling going on in front of her. 

 From left:  Duke Henry the Red, Carol Anne, Little Rock, Upson Pratt.

 Meeting at the food bowl:  Becky, Delbert, Henry, Stevie.  Spread out:  Carol Anne, Starling, a bit of Wichita's butt and a bit of E.Buzz.

From the top:  Either Becky or Theo, Little Rock (getting squished), E. Buzz (on the left) Ash, Annie, Delbert Grady, and Carol Anne.

Bella's bouncing brindle sisters:  Little Rock (top), Bedelia (right), Wichita (middle).

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

09/22/15 Halloween Litters Pupdate

Wow...we're already at the 3-week mark with these pups.  How time flies.  They have begun to eat solid foods (kibble soaked in water so it's really mushy), have had their toenails trimmed, and have 'graduated' into a much bigger whelping pool at night.

Potty training has also officially begun - we've added puppy litter boxes to the whelping pools and they are even starting to use them sometimes.

Mostly, they are still doing lots of sleeping, but everybody's eyes are open, and we've managed to capture a few awake shots.

They've just begun to play with each other as well...trying out their newly budding teeth and chewing on each other a bit.

Soon it will be time for puppy parties for local folks to come visit!

 Spicy's pups trying out the solid food for the first time.  It was a hit!
Clockwise from bottom:  Starling, Ash, Upson, E.Buzz, Cherry, MacReady, Carol Anne, Delbert Grady, and Herbert.

 And...sound asleep in the food bowl.

 Bella's pups give it a try.  Yep!  They like it, too.

 And...sound asleep in the bowl.

Both moms are still nursing.  And if you had a hard time keeping which pup belongs to which mom straight before....well, to add to the confusion these next 2 pics have moms nursing randomly.  They've completely accepted each other's pups and will 'mother' any pup that comes along.  :) 
Spicy with Cherry, Starling (underneath), Duke Henry the Red), either Becky or Theo, Ash, Bedelia, Delbert, and MacReady (at the back of the bus).

 Bella with Upson, Little Rock, Carol Anne, Wichita, Stevie, Herbert, and E. Buzz.

Annie and Theo tucked in with mama Bella.

Puppy Explosion!  All 17 pups, in their 'night time pool' set up.  This is a much larger pool with higher sides to keep them from climbing out during the night.  Plus, we can have their food and litter boxes handy for them.  It takes up most of the bedroom floor, but we'll miss them when they move downstairs to the whelping kennel in about a week.

Even though none of these pups are related to her, Penelope continues to be fascinated with all pups.  As matriarch of the pack, she perches on the edge of the love seat and 'supervises' all puppy activities.

 Bella's pups; demonstrating postprandial bliss.

 Herbert West

 Delbert Grady

Ash - still completely white.  His extreme white sister (Starling) and brother (Upson) have begun to have some polka dots on their ears.  We think Ash will remain completely white except for his blue fawn markings on his haunch and tail. 

 "This eating and growing business is exhausting!"

Bella's pups - still sleeping!
From front:  Annie's leg, Wichita,  Bedelia, Becky, Stevie

 Ah!  A rare moment of alertness from Starling.

Now MacReady's awake. 

And there's E. Buzz! 

Cherry's thinking about waking up. 

Big yawn from MacReady. 

Carol Anne - thinking about waking up...but it's so comfortable sleeping here on brother Upson.

MacReady, Cherry and Carol Anne.

 Upson Pratt and Agent Starling - snuggling.

 Bella nursing - this shot gives a great perspective on how much they've grown!
From left:  Bedelia, Duke Henry the Red, Annie & Steview (both under under Theo), Wichita, Little Rock and Becky.

 Starling ...with her tongue out!

 Uh oh...look out.  Duke Henry the Red is awake and ready for action.

 So is Bedelia!

 "This is my belly!"

Stevie Wayne - such a long pretty face already.

 Becky Dricsoll and Annie Hayworth at the food bowl.

 Duke Henry the Red and Bedelia.

 Meanwhile...Upson and Starling are still cuddling.

 We've got some play going on between Stevie and her sister Bedelia.

 Duke Henry & Stevie

 "I'll bite your nose!"

 Meanwhile...Theo - not awake.  Not ready for action.

 Annie and Wichita having some noms.

 More wrestling for Stevie and Duke Henry the Red.

 Little Rock...wondering where the party is.

Henry, Bedelia and Stevie - still mixing it up.

 Little Rock - starting to roll around as she wakes up.

 "Do you wanna play?"

 "C'mon.  I'm irresistible."

 And Theo...still hardly able to keep her eyes open.

And now Becky and Annie are getting in on the action with Duke Henry, Stevie and Little Rock.