Tuesday, March 14, 2017

W Litter - Day 2

Today was a big day for the pups - we removed their dewclaws (never fun!) and they're doing what puppies do at this stage - lots of eating and lots of sleeping.

Tomorrow marks the end of our 'weekend' and it's back to work - so fewer opportunities to capture photos for a few days.  The pups will be going to work with Jen; having their first ride in the car, beginning crate training, and hanging out at the training studio.

Here are a few shots from last night and today:

Andy Warhol (back) and what looks to be Wombat (he seems to be a darker red than his sisters, Whimsy and Whoopi).

Puppy Pile!  

Lychee's glaring at the carmera.  She hates being stalked by the paparazzi!   

Doing what they do best - eating & sleeping.
The reds are all in a pile and indistinguishable in this pic, but the whites are showing off markings and are easy to identify, from left to right:
Andy Warhol, Wilson, Whiplash, and sleepy Wingnut.

Left to right:  Andy Warhol, Wilson, Wingnut, Whimsy, Whoopi, Whiplash, Wombat

A bit of Whimsy, Whoopi, and Wombat...Wingnut, Wilson, and Andy Warhol



Wingnut and Whimsy

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