Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Jeepers...creepers...where'd you get those peepers?

All of the pups' 'peepers' are opening up.

Wingnut, Whoopi, and Wombat are fully open, with the rest close behind.  Even little Wilson has cracked the inner corners of his eyes open for his first peeks of the world.

That means no pics for a few days, while we protect those delicate eyes from the flash (with the cloudy days, our camera insists on the flash).

But rest assured, we'll have lots of pics with eyes wide open coming soon!

Other developments - the pups have all had their second toenail trimming, all are trying to walk - and managing a few wobbly steps at time - and today we've seen the very beginnings of play behavior from Wombat, Warhol, Wilson, and Wingnut.

Their version of 'play' is to give little grunts and growls and try to grab onto each other with wide open mouths.  It's comical to see.

Stay tuned for pics this week....

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