Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 8 for the "W" Litter & Past pupdate pic, too!

These little stinkers are just too cute for words - even though they are still just in the 'eat-sleep-eat-sleep' phase of life.

Here are pics from day 8.  They've had their first toenail trim, and continue to get even more pigment on their little noses and lips.

Early morning cuddles with Lychee, Whiplash, and Whimsy

Lychee and Whimsy

Andy Warhol getting in on the snuggles with mom, Whiplash, and Whimsy

Afternoon nap time.  Clockwise from the top:  Whoopi, Wombat, Whiplash, Wingnut, Warhol, Whimsy and Wilson.


Whiplash and a bit of Wombat

Whimsy & a bit of Wilson

Wingnut and Andy Warhol

Whimsy and Wilson


Milkbar time!
From left:  Wingnut, Wilson, Whimsy, Andy Warhol, Wombat

Napping through milkbar time - Whiplash

Wingnut, Whimsy & Warhol

Wombat & Andy Warhol

More nomming by Whimsy & Wingnut

"Aerial shot"...Wombat, Warhol, Whimsy, Wingnut

Whoopi - also napping through nom time.

Wilson - full up to the brim.

And on the past pupdate front, how about this great shot of Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico) and her new Bearded Dragon friend.  She's looking for the ears, so as to give wet willie whippet kisses!

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