Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Past Pupdates - August/September 2017

We've got some more great shots of past pups and some Birthdays to celebrate:

First up, the Halloween Litter pt. 1 turned 2 years old on August 31st.  Happy 2nd B-day to:

Theo (HT Theodora)  

Annie (HT Annie Hayworth) 

Oliver (HT Duke Henry the Red)

Eva (HT Little Rock)

Aspen (HT Becky Driscoll)

Wichita (HT Wichita)

Roxy (HT Stevie Wayne)

Bedahlia (HT Aunt Bedelia)


And the very next day, September 1st, the Halloween Litter pt. 2 celebrated their second birthdays.  So a very Happy Birthday goes out to:

Khaleesi (HT Agent Clarice Starling)

Upson  (HT Upson Pratt)

Indy (HT Herbert West)

E. Buzz (HT E. Buzz)

Gatsby (HT Carol Anne Freeling)

Ash (HT Ashley J. Williams)

Mackey (HT Lavender's RJ MacReady)
Finley (HT Delbert Grady)
Hot Rod (HT Cherry Darling)


And some more random pics:

Birthday boy, E. Buzz & his mama. 

And snuggling with his HT housemate, Wilco (HT Rigatoni Sorrentino).


Birthday girl, Bedhalia - during the eclipse!


Birthday boy, Upson - showing off his loot from his first ever NOTRA (Oval Track racing) event, in which he placed 2nd!  Way to go, Upson!


Sammi Girl (HT Honey Badger Don't Care, aka Winky) - catching some snoozy zzzzzz's after a romp at the park.


Birthday boy, Ash and family.


And 3 great shots of Wilson (HT Wilson J. Castaway), romping in his park:


Monday, August 21, 2017

Big, Big, BIG Blog Update full of past pups!

Well, it's that time again ....time for a big, huge, giant blog update.  As usual, we've got a BUNCH of great pics from our puppy owners to share:

We'll kick things off with one of our own:  Miss Theodora, taking a spin on the lure machine at the last practice run of the NoCo Whippet club - in it's formative stages in Berthoud.  For anyone wanting more info. on coming out and working on the lure, let me know and we'll get you the info. on these fun practices!



Next up, we've got Banzai (HT Andy Warhol), snuggling with his blue stuffed star - he's had it since he was with us, and continues to cuddle it!


Next up, we've got Bedahlia (HT Aunt Bedelia), waiting for her daddy to get home from work....and keeping his spot warm for him.  :)


 And next, we've got Maebell (HT Maebell Whimsy), looking pretty pleased with herself!


 And next, we've got Oliver (Duke Henry the Red) and his little 'sis'!


 Our awesome puppy owner & Artist Extraordinaire, Debra Canale (who we've featured in past blogs), has done this amazing painting of her pup, Pip (HT Auric Goldfinger).  Beautiful!


 And how about Sprocket (HT Rye Manhattan) - hanging out with Marge Simpson!  :)


Next up...wonder what Waffle, Wilco & E. Buzz could be looking at....

E. Buzz (HT E. Buzz), Wilco (HT Rigatoni Sorrento), Waffle (HT Hot Toddy)

Ah ha!  CHICKENS!!!


Next up, we've got a montage of Wilson (HT Wilson J. Castaway):

Hanging out with his 'twin' statue....

Baby tooth!

Kisses for mom!

Cozy cave and  M&M's...what more could a boy want?


Next up, we've got Windy (HT Everyone Knows It's Windy) and Winston (HT Wombat - Winston Vombatidae):

These two are quite the cuddlers - they clearly enjoy each other's company!

"Where ya goin', mom?"


Next up, we've got Levi (HT The Whiz Kid), and his big 'sis' Mach Z:


Next up, we've got Maci (HT Whisper in the Night) her buddy, Murphy:


And of course, no blog is complete without a few shots of Sammi Girl (HT Honey Badger Don't Care - aka Winky!):

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Racing, Running, and Past Pups!

We've had a busy few weeks in the running realm with the HT crew!

First up, we got together with a bunch of whippets (many of them we'd bred) for a fun run a few weeks ago.

A great time was had by all - and a huge thank you goes out to Jeanne (Skye & Sunni's mom) for the use of her fenced pasture to keep the whips enclosed and safe!

And another giant thanks goes out to Sandy (Fergus, Finn, Remi & Max's mom) for being the official photographer for our day!  She caught some truly amazing pics of these dogs in action - because really, there is nothing quite so breathtaking as a whippet on the lure....

Annie (HT Annie Hayworth)

Fergus! (1/2 brother to our boys, Feynman & Fermi)

Finnigan! (1/2 brother to our boys, Feynman & Fermi)

Leo (HT Gellman)...going for the 'kill'...he's full brother to our boys from the Quantum Physics litter, and 1/2 brother to Fergus, Finn, and Skye.


Max (HT Max Zorin)

Look at that power!

The 'honorary' whippet, Remi the cattle dog even gave it a go!

And big thanks to Beth (Max, Fergus, Finn, & Remi's mom) for playing lure operator so my dogs could run!

Rudy (HT Egg Drop) was not so sure this was a good idea...he mostly wanted to hang out with his mom in the shade.  :)

Here's the proof that Rudy DID run...at least once...here he is coming in to the Beth & Jen at the machine.  :)

Skye! (sister to Fergus & Finnigan; 1/2 sis to Leo, Fermi, Feynman)

Flying Sunni (HT Domino Vitale)

Not to be outdone by Sunni - Upson shows he can fly, too!
(HT Upson Pratt)

Look at that smile!

Jen & Spicy (HT Spicy Duck)...waiting at the line.


Dots at the line.
(HT Mason Dots)


Trinity at the line.
(HT The Matrix's Trinity)


Johnson is always a handful at the line...he's so excited to get the fake bunny, he's nearly impossible to hold....

And he gives it all he's got once he's running!  Here he is in the extension position of the special double-suspension running gait that is unique to sighthounds...

And here he is in the 'tuck' position.
(HT Big Johnson's Blue Butternuts of Amulet)

Trinity...running low to the ground like a corvette!  Not too shabby for just 13 weeks out of whelp.

Dots - looking for all the world like our old shots of her mom, Penelope.

And Alfredo!
(HT Fettuccine Alfredo)

More of Spicy Duck.

She's proving that even the 'chunky' style whips love to run!

Here's to the Northern Colorado Whippet Appreciation Society - a bunch of folks in a pasture with their hounds!


Racing News:

On the official racing front, we had another fun day down at the Zoiboyz Ranch in Peyton, CO on Sunday, July 23rd.  Bok Choy placed 3rd of 11 dogs for the day.  Lychee was 7th, Spicy was 8th, and poor Johnson won the 'turtle' award.  

Past Pupdates:

We've also continued to get great updates and photos of past pups:

We'll kick things off this this funny trio - Waffle, Wilco, and E. Buzz, doing a nice sit-stay for the camera:


Next up, we've got Levi and his best friend, Mach-Z:

Brave balancing boy!

Looks like he likes his porch swing!

Nibbles to big sis Mach Z.

Snuggle time.

Hanging out together.


Next up, we've got Sammi Girl:

 Apparently, just like brother Levi, one of her favorite things to do is swing!

Sooo tired after training class.

Snugglin' her daddy!


Next up, we've got Frankie and big brother Leo:
"Look mom!  I has Teeth!"

Leo & Frankie snuggles. 

Whippet Sun-chasers

Next up, we've got Lavender Peacock - hanging out in her favorite summer spot...another swinging whippet!

Next up, we've got Wilson...

"Looky!  I found a pine cone!"

It's hard to stay cool when you live on the edge of the Mohave Desert!

"Do I see ducks?"

"Ah...laundry...perfect for sleeping in."

King of the castle.


And last, but certainly not least, we've got Winston and Windy...

Both looking as innocent as can be...
"I dunno know how that got there."