Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bowie Litter - day 16

Just popping in with one more pupdate on The Young Americans before it's back to work tomorrow. 

Almost everyone's eyes are open, and we're beginning to have some 'play' behavior (chewing each other, wagging tails)...starting to become little dogs already!

Puppy pile - Rebel Rebel, Diamond Dog, Ziggy Stardust, Blue Jean

Mom and the gang.

Blue Jean

Diamond Dog and Ziggy Stardust

Little China Girl and Ricochet

Halloween Jack and Rebel Rebel

Creative nursing?  Nursing Yoga?

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Bowie Litter - 2 weeks old, plus Past pup update/brags

We've made it to the 2 week mark with The Young Americans, and they continue to thrive.  They moved into their much larger puppy pool today, as they've already outgrown the small puppy pool - leaving no room for mama Spicy when they spread out!

Some fun updates:

Diamond Dog broke the record for largest puppy at that particular age on day 12, weighing in at 997 grams!  (She breaks previous heavyweight champ, Max Zorin's record from 2.5 years ago.)  She spends most of her time sleeping and growing it seems!

Rebel Rebel has proven us wrong on her color - she's actually brindle, not red!  (The pups' colors often change drastically from when they're born, with patterns and masks, and richness of shade changing and clearing as they grow.  She's got 2 or 3 brindle stripes - on her right cheekbone - making her officially a brindle, not a red....and bringing the numbers to 5 brindles, 3 reds.  Rebel Rebel remains the smallest pup at 765 grams (still slightly above average for this age).

Blue Jean is the first to have her eyes completely open.  The rest have the inner corners cracking open, all right on schedule, but she's been wide-eyed since yesterday morning.  She's a super snuggler and even already gives kisses.  She weighs in at 870 grams.

Major Tom gives up the heavyweight title to sister Diamond Dog, but is still the second- biggest pup right now at 934 grams.  He has also proven to be a super snuggler.  He's going to be very striking with his all-white body and super-dark-brindled head.

Halloween Jack is our super 'talker.'  This entire litter is loquacious, but Jack takes the prize - talking about it when he gets picked up, talking about it when he's nursing, talking about when he's getting squished by his bigger siblings.  He's got a lot to say about life.  He weighs in at 773 grams, and is the second-smallest pup right now.

Ziggy Stardust and Halloween Jack seem to really be buddies.  They are often together - napping, nursing, etc.  They seem to be on the same wavelength most of the time.  Ziggy weighs in at 842 grams.  His distinguishing marking is that his blaze goes all the way through his head patches, making him easy to pick out.

Little China Girl, who started out as one of the littler pups, is catching up fast!  She's at 887 grams, and is easy to confuse with Major Tom, if you can't see her side & elbow patches.  She's also got lovely dark brindling on her head patches, and great dark masking as well right now.

Ricochet is aptly named, as she's our little bullet....she doesn't have her eyes open yet, but she is already really trying to walk!  We caught a whole string of stop-action shots of her in the new big pool, determined to find her mom.  It's tempting to just pick up a pup and put them with mom, but I let her work out those little muscles and her brain, and do the work and find her.  It was quite a journey, but she did it!  She weighs in at 909 grams.

And on to the pics:

These first four pics are from day 7 for the pups, still in their small pool...they've grown and changed so much in just seven days!
The gang's all here.  From front/left to back/right:
Major Tom, Diamond Dog, Blue Jean, Ricochet, Ziggy Stardust, Halloween Jack, Little China Girl, Rebel Rebel

Major Tom - enjoying the heating pad a bit.

Puppy explosion.

Rebel Rebel and a bit of Halloween Jack and China Girl


And now the move to the big pool this morning:

Mama Spicy and Blue Jean

All spread out!  
Ziggy Stardust & Halloween Jack on the left; then Little China Girl, Major Tom, Diamond Dog and  Ricochet; and Rebel Rebel in the center.

So much more room!

Rebel Rebel and Little China Girl, with a bit of Diamond Dog.

Ricochet - on the move....

Best buddies - Ziggy (left) and Jack (right)


Ricochet's Journey

"Where's my mama?"

"Maybe over here..."

"Nope.  Must be the other direction..."

"Oh wait.  What was I doing again?"

"This walking stuff is hard!"

"Oh.  I think I can smell her..."

"Yep.  Definitely can smell her."



"Hi, Mom!"

Meanwhile...back in the 'sleeping section' of the pool...


Happy Spicy - I think she's digging all that space.


We've also got a couple of past puppy pupdate pics:

Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico) - sporting her ribbon and her now-official title of the first whippet in history to earn the APDT Rally Champion Excellent!


Wilson the volleyball, and ...well, Wilson  (HT Wilson J. Castaway)

Monday, November 6, 2017

Bowie Litter Pupdate - 1 week old & More Past pups, too!

The Young Americans/Bowie Litter continue to thrive.  They've passed the one-week mark and are all doing great.  They're busy doing what pups do best - eating and sleeping!

The crew and a very happy mama Spicy.
From left to right:  Major Tom, Rebel Rebel, Ziggy Stardust, Diamond Dog, Blue Jean, and Little China Girl

Spicy with Rebel Rebel and Major Tom

Milkbar lineup from left to right:
Halloween Jack, Ziggy Stardust, Diamond Dog

Ziggy Stardust & Major Tom

Clockwise from bottom:
Diamond Dog, Blue Jean, Ricochet, and Rebel Rebel

Little China Girl and Halloween Jack

Ziggy Stardust spent a good deal of time napping behind Spicy's bum with his mouth wide open this morning!

The gang's all here.


Plus, we've got some fun past pupdate pics to share:

First up, we've got Windy (HT Everyone Knows It's Windy) and Winston (HT Winston Vombatidae , aka Wombat), having quite the wrestle-fest! 

Such teenagers!


Next, we've got Bedahlia (HT Aunt Bedelia)...lamenting the fact that it's rainy out:

The best place for a whippet when it's cold and wet?  In bed!


And last but not least, we've got Rowan (HT Stoli on the Rocks) - enjoying some serious sunshine.