Sunday, March 26, 2017

Horsetooth Crew & the W pups - days 13 & 14

It's a lazy, cloudy, rainy day here at Horsetooth Villa.  The rainy weather has everyone in the mood for lots of napping.

We caught some fun pics of the pups, and also some of the adults - hanging out and enjoying the day inside:

Andy Warhol - kicking things off with the famous upside-down whippet sleep pose.

Whiplash - joining in on the upside-down sleeping.

Wingnut - as usual - cuddling her mom.

Milkbar time - left to right:
Whimsy, Wombat, Whoopi, Andy Warhol

More upside-down sleeps for Whiplash.  Love the open mouth...

Sleepy snuggles for Whimsy and Wingnut.

And even more of Whiplash sleeping upside-down!  She looks like a baby panda bear!

Mama Lychee, napping with the pups.

Wingnut - getting in on the upside-down action.

Papa Johnson - napping on the upper berth of our 'kuranda' dog bunk bed.  The whippets love this thing!

Expectant mom, Trinity - she declined to show off her 'baby bump' to the camera, but did agree to give us an excellent whippet 'round head' pose.

Sleepy Chewy

We got a couple of really nice head shots of Theo...just before she fell right back to sleep.

Spicy Duck, hanging out on the bottom berth of the doggy bunk bed.

Polliwog & Lizzie dozing in the soft cloudy light.

Theo's showing off her pearly whites while Dots dozes next to her.

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