Monday, March 18, 2013

Pupdate 03/18/13

The pups are getting quite a few opportunities to go outside on these nice (but windy!) days.  They are starting to prefer to go outside to 'do their business' as opposed to the litterboxes - always a good sign.  :)

Whenever we have a frond fall off our palm tree in the atrium, we give it to the dogs to play with  in the yard.  We recently supplied the adults with one of these 'organic palm toys'...Today, Aunt Spicy dragged it up out of the yard and on to the deck for the pups to play with.  You can see from the photos that they enjoyed it immensely.
Ziti & Alfredo - Playing "Jaws" & the helpless swimmer...

Alfredo & Tiramisu



Lupini & Alfredo: Masters of their domain.

Biscotti & Alfredo

Mass mayhem...all 14!

Nomming on the palm frond...Pesto, Alfredo, Mojo, Penne, Biscotti

Bella & her daughter Lupini


Lupini says, "Away with your weapon, I mean you no harm" to Fermi.

Alfredo about to give Lupini a sharp surprise.

Presto!, Alfredo & JuJu discover the joys of dirt.

Rigatoni says, "What's all this I hear about dirt?"

JuJu: "Mmmm, Pine cones and DIRT!"

Penne & Lupini:  palm frond nibblers

Biscotti meeting the crew at the home base under the dog cot.

Mojo:  The Brave.

Penne, Lupini and Biscotti tugging

Pesto: The Red.

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