Monday, March 4, 2013

Pupdate 03/04/13 part 3

We're working on getting a good shot of the elusive Alfredo - stay tuned!  In the meantime, enjoy!

 Alfredo & Mojo

Lizzie looking more relaxed with a more manageable number of puppies.  :)
Presto! sleeping with momma Lizzie 

Bright Red Pesto 

Thoughtful Bella

Another whippet pile...

...this breed really loves to snuggle with each other - even when they grow up!
(Spicy & her Momma Polliwog)

Ziti doing what she does so well...looking ridiculously cute.

 JuJu...with Voodoo photobombing!

Risotto and the famous Flappytoy

Inquisitive Mojo 


Snaggle-tooth Rigatoni


Tiramisu killing the skunk toy 

Voodoo & Alfredo having a snack 

 Lupini Beanie!  Simply irresistible

Biscotti - showing off her pretty face & eyes

 Biscotti - dismantling the kennel

Biscotti, Ziti, a bit of Voodoo, Mystic and a bit of JuJu in the whippet fort

 Princess Penelope - Benevolent Queen of the House

 Rigatoni...not so benevolent to that toy!  :)

Rigatoni and Lupini-full-of-beanies

Ziti and Biscotti squishing Voodoo & Mystic in a whippet pile

 Pesto - hamming it up

Peek-a-boo Penne

Mojo and Rigatoni

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