Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pupdate 12/13/15

Some shots of the Horsetooth pooches and some past pupdates:

 E. Buzz  - slowly oozing off the raised puppy bed....

 E. Buzz!

 Wichita - last few days with us before she headed off to her new home.

 Becky (front) and Theo

 E. Buzz & his mom, Spicy - 'sharing' an antler.

 Becky & Trinity

 Classic Trinity face.

 Sweet Becky....she appears to have a question, raising that ear politely.

 Becky and her toys.

Becky & E. Buzz


How about some great shots of "Max" (HT Max Zorin) - shaping up to be such a handsome young man.

And here's Misu (HT Tiramisu Frangelico) & her kitty, Oolie - cuddling up for the winter.

Ez (HT Esmerelda Villalobos) has found a snuggle buddy, too - her great big teddy bear!

Last but not least, Breezy (HT Twizzler) and Wichita.  Wichita got to have a visit at her Aunt Breezy's house the night before she headed to her new home:

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