Monday, December 7, 2015

12/07/2015 PUPDATE

We've got a bunch of great update photos and news on whippet pups - past and present - to share. 

We'll kick it off with a collection of Christmas themed shots:

 Eva (HT Little Rock) and her buddy, Atta - all dressed up and ready to go...oh wait, Eva's eating the clothes right off Atta...

 Eva says, "As soon as Mom's not looking....I WILL eat your coat..."

 Pip (HT Auric Goldfinger) and his best friend, Twiggy...waiting for Santa.

 We love Pip's antler - just like Max from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!"

Next up, another favorite whippet theme - lounging by the various states of dress and undress:

Heath (HT Heath Bar) and True (HT Gummi Bear) - relaxing in their togs from Winston's Winter Wear, and enjoying the fire.
 Heath - stretching out!  He look pretty pleased with having the whole bed to himself.

 Rohan (HT Jules Winnfield) - slouching down and snuggling up as close to the fire as he can get...also sporting a Winston's Winter Wear whippet jacket.  :)  We're glad to see so many of our whippet pups enjoying them.

Next up, a few pupdates from some of our Bond 007 puppies:

First up is Isla (HT Kissy Suzuki) - growing up and looking great!

And how about Isla's brother, Shebo (HT Francisco 'Pistols' Scaramanga) - graduating with honors from his puppy training classes:
Shebo got 1st place in Relay/recall game, 2nd in distracted wait, 3rd overall and a 4th in a stay while his mom went and sat in a chair.   Good job, Shebo & Pam!!!!

Another star from our Bond 007 litters, Hugo (HT Hugo Drax) is also growing up so fast and looking great.  Here he is playing with his buddy and his dad, and posing for the camera:

 Nice sit!

Next up - some older pups from past litters:  

A few more shots of Rohan (HT Jules Winnfield) on his birthday this past October:

How about this really great personality-capture of Wilco (HT Rigatoni Sorrentino) and Waffle (HT Hot Toddy):
This pic captures each of these two kiddos' personalities to a 'T'!  Wilco is a big ol' goofball; and Waffle is a wonderful little Princess.  :)

And now for some great shots from the recent Halloween Litter pups:

 Annie (HT Annie Hayworth) - on the right, with her big buddy, Arrow.

Annie playing with her kitty.

Ash (HT Ashley J. Williams) apparently also has a kitty buddy - one whose bed he has taken over!
 "Yeah.  That's right.  I'm in your bed, Kitty....  
"Whatcha gonna do 'about it?"

 Ash perfecting the sofa sleeping pose, as well....

Up next, we've got Finley (HT Delbert Grady)...we bet he's learning LOTS from this big buddy of his:

And next up, we've got another dynamic duo learning lots from their mentor:
Roxy (HT Stevie Wayne), Zoe in the middle, and Indy (HT Herbert West) - practicing the 'sit', 'stand', and 'down' stay positions.

 Next, we've got Upson (HT Upson Pratt), clearly perfecting the very difficult talks of chair snuggling, bed hogging, and fashion modeling:

And finally, Bedelia (HT Aunt Bedelia) - on her first day in her new home - being greeted by one of her new 'big' sisters:
The Italian Greyound looks pretty amazed at how quickly Bedelia has taken over the couch.  :)

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