Monday, December 1, 2014

Past Puppy Pupdate 12/01/2014

Some more fun pics from recent emails:

Here are a couple of new ones of Chief (HT Rolo) sporting a new jacket, and showing his New Mexico pride with a chili pepper bandanna:

Next up, some more NM whippets:  Luigi (HT Morpheus of Zion) and his best buddy, Mario are doing some serious sun worshiping in these:

And how 'bout this one of Mouse (HT the Matrix's Mouse) and Jack (HT Vincent Vega) on a recent joy ride:

We've got some great pics of Kima (HT Skittles) and Omar (HT Oh Henry!) modeling their coats from Winston's Winter Wear:  

And we've got a few more new pics of coats available:

 Grey with grey, green, and moss accents.

 Grey with pink & grey owl pattern accent collar.

Red/black plaid with red/black collar.

And here's some more nice winter-weather gear for chilly whippets (or any dogs) from our friend Heather Princehorn.  She made this great neck warmer for her pooch.  If anyone is interested in having her make one for them, give us a holler and we'll put you in touch with Heather.

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