Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Another Happy December Birthday!

Happy Happy Happy 8th Birthday to the happiest, goofiest, silliest whippet guy in town ~ Timmy Tunes!

Just like with Bella, we can't believe how time flies and that Timmy's already 8.  He's packed a lot into a short period of time, getting titles in Rally-Obedience, Lure Coursing, Straight and Oval Track Racing, and picking up a 5 point major in the showring along the way as well!

Somehow, he also found time to sire two beautiful litters with Penelope, and is now a granddad, too!

We've been so lucky to have this boy in our life.  He's got such a joy for life that he's as happy on the couch as he is on the lure, and he continues to spread that joy wherever he goes.

Happy 8th, Toonsa - here's to many more.

 Timmy at 5 months.

 Couch time...

Running time!

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