Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pictures, pictures! Get your post-Thanksgiving whippet fix here....

Just found a bunch of pics of the gang here at HT on the camera that date all the way back to August!

Mom & Daughters - Polliwog, Spicy Duck and Trinity in a sun puddle.

 Princess Bella - not a fan of the camera.  :) 

 "Oh, these darn Paparazzi"

 Breezy (HT Twizzler) pictured at 10 weeks old - visiting her family here at Horsetooth.

 Peek-a-boo...I see you.

Spicy & Uncle Buck, our Main Coon, have been good friends since she was a tiny pup 
and he was still a kitten.

They spent the entire day on the couch together recently...

 Johnson on Thanksgiving day...wondering if any of that turkey is for him:

The bird...

"Yo...People... Is any of that turkey for me? "

Trinity & Dots were verrrry helpful to Jen while she made her famous pumpkin cheesecake w/ sour cream topping:
"Hey!  That smells gooooood!  Can we has some?"

The cheesecake managed to get by spite of Trinity & Dots' best efforts.

Johnson got in on the cheesecake preparations as well, but we think he was still mostly just looking for the bird.

Bok Choy contents himself with a nylabone.

Dinner over.  Dishes done.  Sleepy puppies, Dots & Alfredo.  Triptophan works for dogs, too!

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