Friday, November 28, 2014

"Winston's Winter Wear" - whippet coats ready just in time for Christmas~

Know of any whippets in need of a warm jacket or two?  (We know how those whippet boys have a tendency to piddle on themselves and their coats sometimes...and what self-respecting diva whippet girl has less than 3 coats in her wardrobe!)

"Winston's Winter Wear" is officially up and running - named in honor & memory of that very special whippet boy, Winston Wolf.

We've got girl coats, boy coats, and gender-neutral coats ready just in time for the return of cold weather & the Holidays.

All of the coats feature two layers of fleece, a warm turtleneck you can turn up on really cold days to keep those delicate whippet ears warm, and satiny coat liner to keep your buddies from getting too itchy when wearing their coats.

Visit us our new page on Facebook to check out examples of our coats and stay tuned for updated pictures of all the various patterns and solids available!  Our link is:

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