Monday, June 2, 2014

06/02/14 Pupdate

With this litter of puppies, Penelope has had a strange obsession with wadding up the lambskin bedding we put in the whelping pools...sometimes squashing pups in the folds!  It's been a full-time job to make sure she doesn't accidentally cover a pup, then step, sit, or lie down on it.

She's seemed really preoccupied with this hobby.  Last night, we finally got to see what she has been trying to achieve all week.  Once she got herself and the pups covered up just right, she was able to totally relax and fall asleep:

Silly girl.

 We realized Gummi Bear has been hiding out in almost all of our pics, so we tried to get a few good ones of him this morning with the rest of the gang.  :)  Here he in the foreground, with brothers Chiclets and Zagnut.

 Gummi bear again.

 Dots (left) and Chiclets...being whippet bookends.

 Gummi Bear...chowing down.

 Gummi and Dots.


Zagnut...all tuckered out from all that nursing.

And a few nice ones of the OTC pt. 1 litter this a.m., too...  Bella has a totally different mothering style than Penelope.  Where Penelope is a 'helicopter' mom - really protective and intense, Bella is the opposite.  She tend the pups, feeds them, cleans them, waits 'til they fall asleep and then goes about her normal routine of going outside to hang out in the sun with the other whippets, etc.  Penelope has to be convinced to leave her litter - for even a moment - to go potty, eat, drink, etc.  Luckily, now that they're a week old (and after she got to cover them up w/ the bedding last night), Penelope is starting to relax and ease up a bit.  She needs to take lessons from Bella!

 Puppy Pile!  From Left:  Pixie Stix & Skittles (underneath), Heath Bar, Oh Henry (background), Moon Pie (hiding that gorgeous face) and Charleston Chew.

And...back to what we do best....Pixie Stix, Heath, Skittles, Moon Pie, Chewy.

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