Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pupdate 01/28/14

Today is the 'Mambo Italiano' litter's first birthday...Happy Birthday to Wilco, Alfredo, Olive, Luka, Deja, Rufeus, Penny, and Misu!

New pics of The Matrix litter are in soft focus this week, as their eyes have begun to pop open, and need to be protected from the camera flash.

First, a couple of shots from last week:
 Trinity lounging

 Conga Line!

 Mouse, Neo, Morpheus (top to bottom)

 Trinity, Mouse, Neo, Morpheus (top to bottom)

Compromising Positions.  Bok Choy...victimized by the paparazzi.

 On second thought...MARVEL...at my JUNK.

And shots from today:
Morpheus with a bit of Neo and Trinity.

 Neo & Morpheus

 Mouse...hanging out on the heating pad

 Jeepers...creepers...where'd ya get those peepers....

 Trinity and Morpheus




 Proud Polli and her brood.

 Morpheus...looking as big as momma Polli.

 Snuggling her pups.

 Morpheus, Trinity, Neo (left to right)
 Mouse,  Morpheus, Trinity, Neo (left to right)...plus some Apoc butt.

 Flashy Neo...lounging on the heating pad.

Arial shot - Polli says, "Hey...not so rough with that nursing!"

 Uncle Buck curled up on the chair, Bok Choy, and his mom Penelope.

 Mighty Mouse

 Pappa Johnson

 Birthday boy, Alfredo

 Fermi - taking it easy.

Squirt bottle, puppy scale, and Alfredo.

 Morpheus and Mouse

 Lychee Berry!


 Why is Penelope sleeping balanced on the arm of the couch???


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