Monday, January 20, 2014

Matrix Litter Pupdate 01/20/14

The Matrix litter are all doing great.  Right now, they are still pretty grub-like - no eyes open yet, but scooting around in the whelping pool occasionally, doing tons of eating and sleeping.  Oh, and stretching....lots of yawning and stretching.   And twitching.  All healthy puppies at this age do a ton of twitching when they sleep.  They look like little popcorn kernels, just getting ready to pop!

Polliwog has moved past the super-protective and suspicious stage, to the very proud momma stage.  Any time the other dogs check them out, she is happy to show them off.  Likewise, whenever we're in the whelping kennel with the camera, she seems to know what we're doing, and likes to show them off to us and likes to be involved in the photo opps.

No real personality traits to speak of yet (and even the things we see this early often fade), but one thing is for certain - Neo is a TALKER.  He was talking pretty much the moment he was born, and he talks about everything.  He talks when he's scooting, snail-like, around in the pool.  He talks when he's being petted.  He even talks when he's nursing.  Very cute.

Trinity really likes the heating pad, and once even climbed inside the cover and got stuck.  Luckily, we are always nearby, and Jen pulled her out to prevent over-cooking.  :)

Mouse and Trinity are the littlest right now (this also often changes a lot over time), and they have both perfected a submarine nursing style - They and Neo (third smallest) often dive under Polli for the best nursing opportunities.

Mouse seems to sleep with his mouth open a good part of the time.  (This reminds us of another puppy of ours - Wilco (HT Rigatoni Sorrentino), who is featured below...and HE turned out ok....

Apoc and Morpheus, the big boys, both seem to be perfectly happy being slugs.  They're both pretty quiet, not fussy at all, and just like to sleep and stretch and eat, eat, eat a lot right now.  They're mostly just fat and happy right now.

 Mom and pups.

 Double-layered nursing!

 Buck approves.

 Yin and Yang - Neo (top) and Mouse 

Silvery Morpheus


 Trinity stretching (check out the extended front feet and arms!), Polliwog showing off her little white heart marking on her hip.


Trinity, Morpheus, and a bit of Mouse.


 Momma and Neo, with Mouse butt

 Neo...a rare action shot at this age.

And back to nursing....
Trinity, Morpheus, Apoc, (Mouse in the submarine pose), and Neo

 Back to front - Trinity, Morpeus, Apoc, Mouse butt, Neo

And last but not least - Wilco with his momma....very tired!


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