Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Bowie Litter Pupdate - three weeks

The Young Americans continue to thrive.  We've passed the 3 week mark, and they're starting to walk, play, and are eating some real food, and of course, doing lots of sleeping and growing.  Mostly sleeping and growing!

They had their first taste of ground chicken backs, and they LOVED it.  We introduced the adult whippets to a raw, natural diet in August, and decided to continue this healthy trend with the pups.  This is our first litter ever weaned to raw food, and it's gone very smoothly so far.  For more info. on raw feeding, check out our page about it on the website:  http://www.horsetoothwhippets.com/Raw-diet-info.html

LOTS of sleeping.

Some milkbar time for Blue Jean, Rebel Rebel, & Major Tom, while Diamond Dog naps a bit.

We had a great sunset sky here on Sunday night....

Dinner time!  First taste of raw, solid food.

"Nom, nom, nom, nom....."

Full bellies = sleepy puppies!

Mama Spicy is pretty sure she should eat any leftovers - keeping the whelping pool nice and clean.

Getting in on the act - supervising from outside the puppy kennel:
Uncle Buck (kitty), Bella (upper bunk), Grandma Polliwog (lower bunk), and a bit of Lizzie.
The pup's Aunt Lychee, soaking up some sun.

'Honorary Aunt' Lizzie.  She loves pups and helps raise every litter.  She's itching to get in the pen and start helping - she can't understand why Spicy wants to keep the pups all to herself.

'Uncle Buck'

Graduating to the big puppy feeder bowl....and chowing down!
Clockwise from bottom left:
Diamond Dog, Ricochet, Ziggy Stardust, Major Tom, Blue Jean, Halloween Jack, Little China Girl, Rebel Rebel

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