Monday, October 5, 2015

10/05/15 Halloween Pupdate pt. 2

Round 2 of pics.  The adults were mugging for the camera a bunch today, as well:

More pretend nursing for Lizzie and the pups.

Puppy Explosion!  Starling, Ash, Annie, Upson, E. Buzz, along with Uncle Fermi.

Penelope!  Making just the perfect Penelope face at the camera.  Smartest dog on the planet.

The grand Alphas of the pack - Jett & Penelope.

Couple of Penelope's kids:  Bok Choy (sassing the camera!) and Dots.


Chewy - full brother to Jett & Bella's Halloween Litter pups.

Miss Polliwog - making stink eye.

And the softer, sweeter side of Polliwog.

Bok Choy.

Cherry Darling.

Herbert West - tail up, nose down!  This little boy was so confident and happy on is first trip into the big outside world.

Duke Henry the Red - looking up at the camera.  What a face.

Another shot of Herbert - trotting about like he's been outside with the big dogs forever.

Theo - tail up!

Wichita, Stevie and E. Buzz.

Jen - the pied piper...leaving...

And coming back...dogs in tow.

 Theo, Carol Anne, Ash, and Starling.

 Delbert Grady, Ash, Starling.




 E. Buzz - such amazing markings.

 Stevie, Theo, Ash, Grady, Mama Bella, Chewy, and Trinity.

 The Duke - on the move.  Going....

 Bedelia on the move.

 Cherry Darling.

 Mama Spicy - about to sneeze all over Starling.
 Spicy & Starling.

 Becky & Starling.

Someone get Stevie a Gucci handbag - she's ready for 5th Avenue!

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